How to Make White Pozole with Chicken

The hubster has a few favorite Mexican dishes that he really craves when the cold weather comes around. Pozole is one of them (along with menudo, tamales and mole). So I turned to my friend, Iris, and asked for her help in making white pozole with chicken for the hubster. Turns out, it was super easy to make! This is her traditional Mexican white pozole with chicken recipe.

mexican white pozole with chicken recipe

Easy mexican white pozole with chicken recipe

Mexican White Pozole Recipe


  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 3 tbsp. chicken flavor bouillon
  • 105 oz Juanitas Mexican Style Hominy
  • half a chicken in pieces
  • 1/2 tbsp oregano


  1. Fill a large pot halfway with water and add half an onion, garlic bulb and chicken flavor bouillon. Bring to a boil on medium heat.
  2. Rinse hominy in large colander. Add to pot and bring back to a boil.
  3. Rinse chicken and add to pot. Add oregano.
  4. Cover and simmer on low for thirty minutes.
  5. Serve hot.

Tip: The pozole can be enjoyed as is, or topped with shredded cabbage, cilantro, diced avocado, green chile and a side of lime and bolillo bread (or French bread if you don’t have bolillo at your market).

Onion, garlic and seasoning

rinsing hominy

Juanitas mexican style hominy

Add hominy to pozole

How to make pozole

pozole soup

pozole toppings

Pozole is traditionally served during the holidays or on the weekend for family dinners. You can also make a red version of pozole by adding red chile puree (using ancho and/or guajillo chiles) while it cooks, and substitute chicken for pork. To make a green version of pozole, add Serrano chiles and tomatillos. has a good green pozole with chicken recipe if you’re looking to make that variation.

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We hope you’ll give this recipe a try. It’s really easy to put together and makes a lot without spending too much money. It also goes great with a side of champurrado, Mexican hot chocolate or Ponche Navideño if you’re having it around Christamas time.

pozole recipe

Watching pumpkins fly at Discovery Cube’s Pumpkin Launch event

My alma mater hosted this year’s Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch event earlier this month. After a month of celebrating Halloween and tons of pumpkin-related activities, the whole season went out with a bang by launching tons of pumpkins across a field, creating our own catapults, munching on some food truck goodies and watching a medieval fight.

Pumpkin launch at Discovery Cube OC

It was our first time going to the annual pumpkin launch event so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew what we had read on the DiscoveryCube site, but beyond that, all we had heard was how cool and fun it would be.

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When we got there, we headed straight for the pumpkin launch field. On there, there were 15 teams assembled in a line with their handmade catapults. Teams from all over Orange County gathered to compete against each other to take home the winning title of Pumpkin Launch Champion! Every few minutes, the host would call up a team and clear them for a launch. The team would let the catapult go and we’d see the pumpkin launch across the field (sometimes straight up into the air) and hit or miss a target. There were times though, when the catapult wouldn’t quite work the way it was supposed to and it wouldn’t go very far. Either way – it was awesome to see the machines at work.

Pumpkin Launch event in Orange County

Pumpkin launcher

Where to see pumpkin launch

After about a half hour of watching pumpkins being launched, we headed over to the field next to it and picked up some treats along the way at the food trucks parked on the field.

food trucks

The boys had the most fun at the activity stations. They went to each one where they were able to build and do hands-on experiments. I was so thankful for the volunteers because they helped each and every kid that came to the station with the activity. They talked to the kids about what it was that they were doing and basically conducted experiments with them. Even the four year old was able to get in on the action.

Boy making catapult

Catapult making station

Experiments at pumpkin launch


At the back of the field was a team of medieval times enthusiasts who had a tent full of weapons and instruments used during the era when catapults and trebuchets were first developed and used. It was cool to bring together history and science for the kids.


Bow demonstration

We ended our day by heading back to the field for the show. As we made our way over there, we stopped at Cal State Fullerton’s station where they had robots on display for everyone to see and use.

Cal State Fullerton robotics

We look forward to next year’s Pumpkin Launch event and rooting for our favorites. Personally, I LOVED seeing so many girls there participating in the pumpkin launch teams, teaching kids about engineering and being amazing examples for little girls everywhere. We also talked to a few other newbies experiencing the event for the first time and we were surprised to see how many engineers were there. It turned out to be a great networking event for my nephew who wants to study electrical engineering.

Stay up to date on all events hosted by Discovery Cube Orange County by visiting:

And congratulations to this year’s Pumpkin Launch champions!

Pumpkin Launch 2015 Champions

1st place – Medieval Mayhem, a three time champion

2nd place – Valdez Tech Middle School

3rd place – Cal State Fullerton’s Society of Women Engineers

Pumpkin Launch at Cal State Fullerton


This is post in partnership with Discovery Cube OC as a Discovery Cube Mom. All thoughts and ideas remain my own. 

There is no ‘right’ body shape

This #OBelievers post is in partnership with Socialstars and o.b. Pro Comfort. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

One of those terms that drives me crazy every time I hear it is, “real woman.” I mean, if you really think about it, what does that mean? That insinuates that there is such a thing as a “fake woman.” I loathe the term when I hear it along with some sort of new campaign for clothes, food, exercise regimen… or whatever else they’re trying to sell to females. The truth is, there is no right body shape. Women come in all different shapes and sizes.

Tensing Pen Jamaica

Some women are fit, some have had six kids but have the body of a slender model, others are a bit overweight with heavy hips. The point is, there is no right body shape for a woman. It’s what makes us so freakin’ awesome. Some of us can run marathons with our bodies, others do yoga, and others just exercise their way around the kitchen. Believe me, I wish I was a better cook than a yogi, but it is what it is.

As someone who has weighed as much as 200 pounds during pregnancy, and then lost about 75 pounds after that, I can tell you that I’ve been every kind of woman. In the end, I just try to be the best me that I can be. So yeah, lately that means that I head to Bikram Yoga about four times a week. I want to look my best, and I’m willing to sweat it out for an hour and a half during each session. And even then, I won’t have my desired body shape. In fact, I’ll never have it. But I like to strive for it, regardless of whether I reach my goal or not.

o.b. Pro Comfort tampons case

And as someone who has gone through a lot of body changes, one of the few things that have stayed constant has been my tampon of choice – o.b. tampons. They’re designed to help stop leaks by expanding all-around to fit each unique shape. In all my years of using them, they have yet to fail me. Their super helpful Fluid-Lock grooves lock in leak protection and the o.b. pro comfort regulars are always comfortable thanks to the SilkTouch cover. p.s. – two thumbs up for their discreet size

Latinas at Covergirl

So let’s celebrate who we are and the kind of rockin’ body that we have. Let’s just accept what God gave us, (and trust me, I wish he had been a lot more generous in my top region) and focus more on what type of women we want to be. In the end, that’s what our family and friends will remember the most.

5 Pay it forward activities you can do before Thanksgiving dinner

This is a sponsored post in partnership with H&R Block. All thoughts and ideas remain our own.

We never celebrated Thanksgiving growing up. Sure, some years my mom made enchiladas for dinner, but it was never Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. As a first-generation Mexican-American, Thanksgiving was always a holiday that I wanted to experience more fully and I finally got that chance when I married the Hubster. His family did have had a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey, stuffing, gravy – ¡todo! I was in awe of the meal every year, but what I remember the most is my suegra asking everyone at the table to say one thing that they were thankful for. It gave everyone a chance to stop and think about our lives and really appreciate everything we have.

Pay it forward ideas you can do before Thanksgiving dinner

With a family of my own now, our Thanksgiving dinners are a healthy mix of American tradition and Latino heritage. This means that we have turkey on our table, pero tambien, buñuelos, salsa and champurrado. We still go around the table and say something that we’re thankful for, but we’ve started going a step further and doing a few things in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. Today, we share five easy pay-it-forward activities you can do before Thanksgiving dinner.

Pay it Forward Activities

Thanksgiving Dinner Drive

Start a “Thanksgiving Dinner Drive” where your family can collect canned goods and donate to a family, or families, in need. Consider doing this in November, and donating all the food by the third week. For anyone who decides to donate money instead, purchase a gift card for a local grocery store so they can round out the meal with fresh produce and meats.

Collect and donate coins

Ask your Thanksgiving guests to save all their loose change in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Every time they break a dollar, they can save the coins in a container and bring with them to dinner. Take everyone’s collected donation to the bank and exchange for bills to donate to a charitable organization.

Donate household goods

Getting rid of household goods and clothing is something that my family does at least once every few months. Doing this right before Thanksgiving helps me de-stress because there is less “stuff” in my home and I feel lighter. Use these charitable deduction tips from H&R Block to ensure that you’re donation will be properly accounted for come tax season.

Assemble and distribute toiletry bags

We have a lot of homeless people in our town and neighboring cities. There’s also a new homeless shelter opening near our home. So with this in mind, we’re going to be amping up our toiletry bag distribution by a lot. We gather up all of our hotel soaps, shampoos and kits and place them in 1 gallon re-sealable zipper storage bags. We also add sanitizer, female hygiene items, and snacks. We take the bags to the parks, or anywhere were we see a need, and distribute them to folks who could use a helping hand.


Wherever you can, go and volunteer. It’s even better if your whole familia can go with you. We’ve done things were the kids wipe down books that were donated. You can also help at a food bank, host a dinner that benefits a charity, or deliver meals to people who cannot leave their home. There’s nothing like getting in the trenches and donating your time to help others. Remember to keep track of your expenses; you’ll need them come tax time. And if you’re wondering what it is exactly that you can deduct, check out this charitable giving infographic.

Thanksgiving is so much more than just enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends. It’s also about acknowledging all the ways you and your family are blessed and remembering to give back to others. It’s also nice to see that H&R Block has our back, so that come tax time we are prepared when we go in to talk to any of their 9,000 bilingual tax professionals. They’re just like us because when all we want to do is give back, they’re also doing the same with our tax returns. They get us a bigger tax refund! Guaranteed.

I hope that you’ll take at least one of our suggestions and bring more to the Thanksgiving table than just one of your delicious meals. I’m always looking for ideas too, so if you have any special pay it forward activities that you like to do during the Thanksgiving season, let us know in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of H&R Block and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

“Pick a Series, Grow a Reader” with Scholastic Branches + GIVEAWAY

My 7 year old chiclet just started reading in English about a year ago. He goes to a dual-immersion school where reading in English is not encouraged until third grade. Thankfully, all his schooling in Spanish helped him pick up reading in English very easily. However, for the longest time it felt like he was stuck in between reading levels. He wasn’t quite to the chapter books yet, but the other books made for younger kids weren’t cutting it either. That’s why we were super happy partnering up with  Scholastic Branches.

Scholastic Branches collection

Branches is a unique line of books specifically designed for newly independent readers, typically kids ages 5 to 8. The Branches line is here to help you foster a love of reading in your kids and give them the tools they need to become life-long readers.

Using our Branches books helped my kid get a head-start with his reading. It was the stepping stone that he needed to make the jump into chapter books full-time (now he can’t stop reading the Captain Underpants series).

What makes Branches so different is the format of the book. It’s a great mix of easy-to-read text, simple plot lines, plenty of context cues, cliffhanger chapter endings, and purposeful illustrations (on every page!) that aid in reading comprehension. Each book is part of a series so that readers will want to keep reading about their favorite characters.

Scholastic Branches books

Branches has 14 different series so it provides plenty of choices for kids. They vary from comedy (which my kids LOVES) to fantasy to spooky, and everything in between. My kid went straight for Kung Pow Chicken, probably because of the name, and then kept going with Eerie Elementary. He even talked about how he wanted to read every book in the series, before knowing that there were more books.

Boy reading Kung Pow Chicken

Branches is recommended for kids ages 5 through 8 who are dipping their toes into chapter books. They’re great transition books, and they also make great books for older siblings to read to the littler ones.

Scholastic Branches series

We caught up with Katie Carella, Senior Editor who oversees Scholastic’s Branches, and asked her a couple of questions about Branches, if we can expect a series in Spanish and tips for getting children to read more. Take a look:

Katie CarellaMy son just started reading in English earlier this year and he loves books that are part of a series. Are you planning on adding more chapters to the series you’ve established?

Yes, more books (and more series) are on the way! We are working as fast as we can to add books to many of the existing Branches series. For example, we have thirteen books signed up so far in The Notebook of Doom series.

The Branches line is solely made up of series books. This is intentional, because we want young readers to return to their favorite characters again and again. When a child finds a favorite series, it can be reading magic! Progressing steadily through a particular series will help children build reading stamina and confidence. And Branches truly has a series for every reader!

It can be challenging for us to decide which series to extend, as it often comes down to how well the early books in a particular series are selling. Please help spread the word about the series your child loves! Fan mail and book reviews are also helpful because we get to see your feedback (i.e. Write that you hope there will be more books soon!). So, please continue to let us know which series are your favorites!

Are there any plans of adding a Spanish-language “Branches” collection?

I’m delighted to let you know that Spanish editions of the first book in each of the following Branches series will be available in January 2016: The Notebook of Doom, Eerie Elementary, Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe, and Owl Diaries. Our hope is to publish even more Branches books in Spanish as momentum for the line continues to build.

What tips can you give to parents who have children who don’t like to read?

Choice is key to growing engaged, confident readers so the most important tip I can give is this: Let your child choose what he or she wants to read. All book choices are good choices because when your child chooses a book, he or she wants to read it. If the book is too easy, your child will gain reading fluency and stamina as they read. If the book is too hard, your child may struggle, but he or she will also learn decoding skills to pull meaning from what he or she can read. Both of these experiences ultimately grow your child’s vocabulary and reading skill set. Never underestimate the power of choice!

I’d also recommend making regular trips to your local bookstore or library so that your child frequently has the opportunity to choose new books. Once the trip becomes routine, your child will hopefully look forward to discovering new books each time.

And now, last but not least, one of the most important things you can do is model good reading behavior. Turn off the TV, put away the phone, and spend time with a book. Your child will see that books offer their own enjoyment. You could even read your separate books side by side… Just add a cup of hot chocolate, and doesn’t that sound like a perfect evening? Remember, children look to the grown-ups in their lives for support and approval, so anything we can do to encourage a love of books early-on helps grow lifelong readers!

We invite you to learn more about Scholastic online, and enter for a chance to win a Scholastic Branches prize pack!

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