Shopping for the right handcrafted mattress

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that I have a new love in my life – my new handcrafted mattress. I partnered with Custom Comfort Mattress, visited their beautiful new store in Huntington Beach, California and went shopping for a handcrafted mattress. I gotta tell you, it was intimidating at first. Their new store is like something straight out of a magazine. It’s a gorgeous industrial-type look showroom filled with different handcrafted mattresses, including an example of a custom mattress that I can only dream about owning one day.

Tips for shopping for the right mattress at Custom Comfort Mattress

We were greeted immediately, given some water and the kids were offered a seat at their comfortable lounge while the hubster and I took a tour of the showroom and got to work. Nina, our salesperson, was super nice and really knew her stuff. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be as happy with our choice as we are .

Shopping for a mattress with a personal shopper

Our original strategy in choosing a mattress was to go around and lie on each one until we found “the one.” Turns out, there’s a much smarter practice in choosing a mattress, and even better, knowing which one you don’t want. For this, Nina took us to a spot at their store where they had real-life examples of what goes into each of their mattresses. Because it’s see-through, we were able to see exactly what it was that we were buying. We learned proper terminology, why box springs aren’t really a thing anymore and how a mattress topper would affect the feel of the bed. Moreover, we also learned that the mattresses are made in America (at their factory in Southern California) and just how much care and love is put into each of their products.


With that knowledge in hand, Nina handed us each a pillow (with a fresh new pillowcase on it) and we set off to find the mattress of our dreams.

Custom Comfort Mattress in Huntington Beach, California

We started off at the back of the store because this beautiful bed had caught my eye as I walked by the display window. It’s their gorgeous organic bedding with a four inch mattress topper and made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. So basically, gorgeous and sensitive to allergies. It’s covered in this luxurious fabric that stands the test of time (about 25 years to be exact). However, the hubster found it a bit too soft, so we continued on our search for the perfect handcrafted mattress.

organic hypoallergenic bed

Like a princess, you’ll have to kiss many frogs (or in my case, lie on many mattresses) until you find the right one. For us, it ended up being the Retreat mattress with a latex mattress topper.

Shopping for a handcrafted mattress

Bed foundation with wooden legs

You’ll have to check back next week when we show you what it looks like in our bedroom and what’s this bed is like, but, *spoiler alert*, it does not disappoint.

It took us about two hours to find the perfect mattress. I have a feeling that’s not normal, but for the hubster and myself, everything is a compromise so we both wanted to be happy with our choice. My first choice was the Legacy bed (the gorgeous one pictured above), while the husbter’s first choice was an adjustable bed. We compromised by getting a bed that looks as good as the Legacy bed, but was a bit firmer. It sits on a foundation with wood legs and no bed frame. The latex mattress topper is five inches thick and reversible to help make the bed last longer.

So what exactly do you need to know when shopping for a handcrafted mattress? Here are my top tips:

Shop at a mattress store

Mattress stores are intimidating. Especially when you know that the sales people are commission based. The sales at Custom Comfort Mattress are not commission-based. They walk you around to every mattress if that’s what you want to do, they make suggestions based on preference, and they know everything there is to know about their products.

Know where and how it’s made

I try to shop American-made as often as I can. Mattresses at Custom Comfort Mattress are made in their factory in Orange, California. They ship nationwide, so don’t let location stop you. They offer mattresses that are hypoallergenic, organic, and made of wool, latex and cotton. And if you’re wondering why latex –

Latex is sap from a rubber tree that is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. Most would say latex offers a healthier sleep compared to most foam used today being polyurethane foam. Latex has the unique ability to support the body while going with the natural curves of the body, releasing pressure.

Also, look for a mattress that is double-sided so you can flip it every so often, making it last longer.

Handcrafted is better

A handcrafted mattress will lend to more customization than if it were created otherwise. You’re able to choose how thick you want the mattress topper (if you get one at all), and the size of the bed doesn’t have to stop with California King. Custom Comfort Mattress can make a bed in any shape and size (yes, even those heart-shaped beds). And that RV that you have sitting in your drive way? Update the mattress with a premium-quality mattress. It’s totally doable when you have a handcrafted mattress.

Taking care of your mattress

If you’re investing on a bed, make sure you know how to take care of it. Opt for a mattress topper that is detachable so you can flip it and reverse it. This will make your life so much easier and your mattress will last a lot longer. And don’t forget to pick up a mattress protector. Yes, you need it. Even if you don’t eat or drink on your bed, a mattress protector will prevent dust mites from penetrating the fabrics. If you don’t get a mattress protector, a carpet or upholstery cleaner can usually get your mattress cleaned.

Box spring versus foundation

Box springs are a thing of the past, and you’ll find that most places no longer carry what is referred to as a “true box spring.” Nowadays, most places offer a foundation where the support is practically non-existent and will not offer flexibility under the mattress. It basically just keeps the bed off of the ground. Custom Comfort Mattress is one of the few shops that still offer a box spring option is made with real coils built in. If you have the budget for it, go for a true box spring. It will help your mattress last longer and will also helps your mattress to better conform to your body and give you more support.

Handcrafted mattress made in the US

It took just a few days for our bed to be created and delivered to us. Normally, someone purchasing a bed would have had theirs sooner, but ours took a bit longer because we added the wood legs. And by the way, our old California King mattress was over 10 years old, sitting on the floor on a foundation with no bed frame and no headboard. Our new bed sits on a foundation where a bed frame is not needed, and adding a headboard is not an option. I personally prefer this because I like to move my furniture around a lot, and sometimes I even put it under the window (even though I know I’m not supposed to).

I invite you to visit to find a location near you and learn more about their ridiculously comfortable beds. They offer choices at every price point, and if you ask around you’ll see that they have a loyal following (for a reason!).

Check back later as we’ll be sharing a video where Nina (our salesperson) walks us through the inner workings of creating the perfect bed.

The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.

OC Goodwill Boutique in Huntington Beach

Attention bargain fashionistas! Goodwill’s newest OC Goodwill Boutique has opened in the recently remodeled former Goodwill Classic Closet store in Huntington Beach. This fine example of thriving thrift drew shoppers from far and wide. Over 350 people lined up for the opening day – the first 50 in line received a gift card and a special canvas bag (made by OC Goodwill employees) to shop with.. Lines were long and people were excited as they waited for a chance to score some fabulous finds at a fraction of the retail cost.

Goodwill Huntington Beach OC Boutique

The store is huge and added additional square footage, over 2400 square feet, during the remodel, allowing shoppers to peruse with ease and for even more bargains to be displayed. Polished concrete floors and interior updates provided a fresh face and hip vibe for the modern thrift shopping experience. Premium brands such as True Religion, Lucky Brand, Ann Taylor Loft, Seven for all Mankind, Coach, and more were in abundance in the boutique section, and the regular store area also teemed with deals. Beautifully displayed and carefully curated, there are items for every level of shopper. Socialites and soccer moms alike can find their favorite fashions and household goods, all while staying under budget. Fresh merchandise comes out so often, you won’t want to leave. I spent 5 hours shopping and could easily have spent far more. I scored a cute outfit of True Religion jeans, a Fossil Brand cross-body bag, and an awesome t-shirt for under $30 total. OC Goodwill is always a win-win for me- I get to shop and give back to the community at the same time. Every purchase counts.

new Goodwill in Huntington Beach, California

Remember, too, that all donations of items are tax-deductible with your donation receipt. I like to head over to drop off my donations and then go inside to shop.

Some OC Goodwill facts:

  • Goodwill Industries was founded in 1902 by Reverend Edgar J. Helms in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Goodwill of Orange County opened its doors in 1924 as a branch of the Los Angeles-based Goodwill Industries of Southern California
  • 92 cents of every dollar spent goes directly for programs geared toward those with barriers to independence.

In 2014:

  • 2,238 people were served through Goodwill’s Workforce development services.
  • 557 individuals currently work as Goodwill-trained employees.
  • 673 people started new jobs with the help of Goodwill

Conveniently located in the Beach and Ellis 5 points Center, OC Goodwill Boutique is the third of its kind, but certainly won’t be the last.

OC Goodwill Boutique
Five Points Center at 18631 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92648

OC Goodwill Boutique in Huntington Beach

For you fashionistas with less time for travel, Goodwill also has online shopping! Go to for amazing items from Goodwill stores across the country, and purchase from the convenience of your own home. You can even shop in your jammies at midnight.

For more information about Goodwill and locations near you, as well as its work in the community, go to

This is not a sponsored post.  I was given an opportunity to view the new store 30 minutes before it was open to the public. I am a volunteer Goodwill brand advocate. On occasion we may receive gift cards and/or early viewing and shopping opportunities to facilitate posts. All photos are my own.

5 tips for better oral care

This conversation is sponsored in partnership with Colgate.

Young or old, we all deal with bad breath at some point in our life. It turns out, bad breath can be caused by the millions of bacteria that live in your mouth every day! So if you’re not taking care of your teeth on a daily basis, bits of food is getting stuck in your mouth… decomposing… and gum disease and cavities, as well as serious diseases that can affect your overall health. It’s a horrible trend that you do not want to start. That’s why a good oral routine helps eliminate the breakdown and prevent bad breath. And that’s why we’re sharing our top 5 tips for better oral care to get you (and me!) on your way to a healthier mouth.

Tips for better oral care

Brushing Teeth

Learn how to brush your teeth well. For a good brushing, you should use at least two minutes and place the brush at an angle of 45 ° from the gum with short, gentle strokes. Remember to clean all teeth and surfaces and use a watch to mark you at least 2 minutes of your time to brushing.


Although people do not like flossing, this is the most effective tool to remove food debris between teeth that brushing can not remove. As an alternative, you can also use a Waterpik.

Use Mouthwash

There are many areas of the mouth where bacteria can settle: in the teeth, of course, but also on the tongue and gums. Using a mouthwash such as Colgate Total Gum Health gives you 12 hours of protection against germs, even after eating and drinking, and kills 99% of germs on contact and freshens breath.

Visit your dentist regularly

So you think you have healthy teeth and a healthy mouth because you brush every day? Even so, this is not an excuse for not going to the dentist! Visit your dentist regularly, at least once a year, or if possible every six months.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Choose a balanced diet by avoiding starches and sugars. Cut down on the amount of sugar and how often you consume it to decrease cavities and dental issues. Fun fact – dentists recommend that you eat more sugar at the same time, rather than spacing it out. So eating all the Halloween candy on Halloween is better than having a piece a day for the next year. Something to think about.


I hope you uncovered some useful information to maintain that gorgeous smile of yours. And as always, if you have tips for us – please leave them in the comments below!

Carne asada, familia and s’mores

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Honey Maid. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Fourth of July is always a great day to get together with family and celebrate this great country. To celebrate, we usually go to my parents’ home where many of our holidays are spent. The house is always full of family and activity. The women talking around the table while a row of screaming boys runs by. The men outside manning the grill while marinating the meat for the “carne asada.” I love seeing three generations of our family together making memories.

united states flag

America’s birthday is a day to reflect what this country means to us. Our family is blended with old Mexican traditions and new age American customs. My father migrated to America during his teenager years and later when he married my mom he brought her over to build a new family here. During the 1980’s, they finally had an opportunity to live here legally with the Amnesty. In the 1990’s after living here for about thirty years, they decided to become US citizens. This made them feel like they truly belonged in America. They were no longer legal residents, but citizens. They would get a double citizenship from Mexico and USA. As we grew up, dual citizenship would be a big reason why our family blends so many American traditions with Mexican culture.

how to make grilled smores

On Fourth of July we don’t do a barbecue, we have a “carne asada.” This includes flank steak marinated in orange juice, onion and beer. You must also have guacamole, salsa, beans and rice. Then for dessert, like a true American, we make a few  classic s’mores. Our blend for our love of USA and Mexico is through our food.

ingredients for smores

S’mores are the ultimate compliment to any Fourth of July party! We like to stick with our tried and true s’mores recipe, but this year, we’ll be checking out Honey Maid’s deliciously sweet tips and ideas for endless s’more fun. Who knows – we might find a new favorite.

While they can be made on the grill, on busy days, we like to keep it simple and do them in the microwave. All you have to do is place Honey Maid graham cracker on microwavable plate and then top with ¼ of a HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bar and one large JET-PUFFED Marshmallow. Microwave for 8-10 seconds then top with another graham cracker. I make sure and do this for kids since marshmallow gets hot and sticky. And there it is. All done!

boy enjoying smores

As the night comes to an end, we’ll sit outside snacking on our s’mores and watch my younger brother blow up tons of fireworks on our driveway. We might celebrate Fourth of July a little different, but the feeling and reason is the same. We love our country.

I invite you to take a look at this video featuring an American family, that comes from a different background than usual, but is American nonetheless.

Invite [ yellow tail ] sangria to a sobre mesa

“Sobre mesa” – that untranslatable Spanish term that describes enjoying a meal without feeling rushed, but rather, enjoying conversation, relaxing and just “hanging out.” Though as families we usually reserve this type of events for the weekend, given priority, it is very easy for us to do it during the week too – especially with a drink in one’s hand.

Sobre mesa is a great time to socialize with friends and familia, throw in some delicious food and flavorful drinks and we’re ready to go. My go-to drink this year? Anything and everything [ yellow tail ] – yes, THAT one. [ yellow tail ] makes these ready-to-go Sangrias (both regular Sangria and Sangria Blanco) that helps me take the easy road towards a sobre mesa any day of the week.

[ yellow tail ] Sangria

[ yellow tail ] Sangria

[ yellow tail ] Sangria is a delicious mix of citrus and red wine. The aroma is enticing and perfumed with orange rind, citrus and red berry notes that splashes onto the palate with a soft, sweet citrus flavor and hints of spirit. [ yellow tail ] Sangria pairs well with:

  • BBQ meats/beef (i.e. burgers, roast beef, beef stew, peppercorn steak);
  • poultry (i.e. chicken skewers, chicken teriyaki, chicken parmesan, roast duck);
  • seafood (i.e. grilled shrimp, fried calamari, baked oysters)
  • and strong cheese (i.e. blue cheese, sharp cheddar, gruyere)

tropical fruit vodka sangria

[ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco

[ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco has tropical fruit flavors of pineapples. Ripe peaches gives the wine a sweet, rounded mouth feel. Fresh limes ensure a crisp, refreshing finish. [ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco pairs well with:

  • Asian food (i.e. sesame chicken, teriyaki stir-fry, sushi);
  • fruits (i.e. fruit cocktail, mixed berries, melon & mint)
  • and desserts (i.e. tiramisu, chocolate mousse, apple turnovers, panna cotta)

We think [yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco is especially refreshing when mixed in with just a couple of ingredients. Take a look at our easiest tropical white sangria cocktail!

Easiest Tropical White Sangria Cocktail Recipe

easiest tropical white sangria cocktail


  • 1 cup chilled [ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco
  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya)

Fill a mason jar with [ yellow tail ] Sangria Blanco and vodka. Stir in the frozen fruit.

tropical sangria vodka cocktail recipe

Give sobre mesa a try this Fourth of July. All you have to do is spend just a little more time at the table – no agenda, no rush, but always food and drinks.

To learn more about [ yellow tail ], visit

[ yellow tail ] Logo

[ yellow tail ] Giveaway

For a very limited time (through July 4 only!) [ yellow tail ] is offering a free audience giveaway! Enter to win one (1) great [ yellow tail ] prize which includes:

  • One (1) set of two mason jars
  • One (1) Piñata
  • Four (4) coasters
  • One (1) corkscrew
  • One (1) bottle stopper
  • One (1) mail-in rebate (for up to $10 savings)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“How will you be celebrating July 4th?”
This is part of a sponsored campaign with [ yellow tail ]. However all opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, 16 C.F.R Part 255.

images: [ yellow tail ]

Reach your fitness goals with Jawbone

Summer is here and for most people this means hitting the beach and/or pool to escape the heat and for some water fun with loved ones and friends. Naturally, if one is going to be spending time in the water one will be wearing some type of swim suit. The thought of wearing a swim suits makes some people cringe, present company included. This year, I decided to take a more techy approach to shedding the pounds in my pursuit to be pool-ready by including Jawbone.

jawbone UP2 and UP3

Fitness trackers have been all the rage for the past few years. I actually purchased one for my health conscious wife last year as a birthday present. When it came time to research which fitness tracker was the best, I went to countless review sites, polled friends and talked to a few users. After hours of compiling results it became clear that the Up24, with the wireless synching, great battery life, fantastic mobile app and stylish looks was the one to choose.

jawbone fitness trackers at Best Buy

Now a year later, the UP3 has been released by Jawbone. It has Advanced Activity Tracking, Advanced Sleep, Food Logging, Smart Coach and Heart Health. The UP3 has such a great classic and durable design that you don’t have to worry about much of anything when you wear it because it was designed to take a beating and stand the test of time. The UP3 has improved over its predecessor with advanced sensors to track your true sleep stages—REM, Light, and Deep. Smart Coach is then able to give you suggestions to maximize your sleep and improve the quality of your days. The new multi-sensor also adds accuracy and breath to the Smart Coach. Other fitness trackers simply track heart rate by beats per minute. The UP3 takes it up a notch by using advanced bioimpedance sensors are able to automatically track your resting heart rate and use that information to help you take care of the most important organ in your body.

The best news is that Jawbones now start at $99.99. For that price you can pick up the UP2 that is loaded with features such as: Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Food Logging and Smart Coach. There are many reasons that you may be in the market for a fitness tracker, summer body, life changing experience or just general health. Whatever the reason is, the UP3 has you covered.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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