The Unloved soap opera

La Malquerida (The Unloved) and its toxic love triangle

It’s always nice when the drama in our every day life isn’t about us – that’s why we watch novelas! Spanish soap operas are full of drama, tension, excitement, suspense, and of course, mucho mucho amor – like “La Malquerida” (“The Unloved”) currently playing on Univision. I also like watching novelas because they don’t go on for […] Read more…

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

We’re heading to Loreto, Mexico!

I grew up in California with my extended family living no closer than a 16 hour drive. Having a lot of family in Mexico meant that I visited my parent’s home country at least twice a year. Once married, the hubster and I took a few cruises to the Mexican Riviera to discover some new […] Read more…

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