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Girl Scout Cookies Valentine’s Day cards

Girl Scout Cookies Valentine’s Day cards

Make these DIY Valentine’s Day Cards and share those newly purchased Girl Scout cookies!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spread love and sweetness than with homemade cards featuring everyone’s favorite indulgence—Girl Scout cookies!

These delightful treats not only satisfy our cravings but also inspire creativity. So, let’s dive into some charming DIY ideas to craft heartfelt Valentine’s Day cards using these iconic cookies.

  1. Thin Mints Masterpiece:
    Start with a blank cardstock or construction paper as your base. Affix a couple of Thin Mints to the center using a non-toxic glue or double-sided tape. Write a cute message like “You’re as sweet as a Thin Mint!” or “Our friendship is mint to be!” around the cookies. Add some decorative accents like heart-shaped stickers or ribbon to complete the look.
  2. Tagalong Treasures:
    Create a pocket-style card using colored paper or cardstock. Attach a Tagalong cookie to the front of the pocket using glue or tape. Inside the pocket, tuck in a personalized note expressing your affection. You can write something like “You’re the peanut butter to my chocolate!” or “Thanks for sticking by me, friend!”
  3. Samoas Surprise:
    Cut out heart shapes from brown construction paper to resemble the iconic Samoas. Glue a Samoa cookie onto each heart. Write a loving message such as “You’re one tough cookie to resist!” or “Life is sweeter with you in it!” on the hearts. Arrange them on a larger piece of paper or cardstock to create a beautiful collage-style card.
  4. Do-si-dos Delight:
    Craft a spinner card by attaching a Do-si-do cookie to a circular piece of cardstock using a brad or pin. Write different compliments or reasons why you appreciate the recipient on each section of the card. When they spin the cookie, they’ll discover all the sweet sentiments you’ve written!
  5. Lemonades Love Notes:
    Use yellow paper or cardstock as the backdrop for your card. Glue Lemonades cookies in a row across the bottom, creating a sunny border. Write a cheerful message like “You make life sweeter, lemonade-style!” or “Sending you sunny smiles and warm hugs!” above the cookies. Add doodles of lemons or suns for an extra touch.
  6. Trefoil Tokens:
    Create a mini-envelope using patterned paper or scrapbooking paper. Seal the envelope with a Trefoil cookie as your stamp. Inside, include a tiny note expressing your admiration or affection. You could write something like “You’re the best cookie in the batch!” or “Thanks for being so sweet!”

These DIY Valentine’s Day cards featuring Girl Scout cookies are sure to warm hearts and bring smiles to faces.

If you’re short on time, print and share these FREE Girl Scout Cookies Valentine’s Day cards! You might even consider making them into custom stickers​​ via Sticker Mule and adding them to cookie boxes! It’s an extra sweet treat!

Whether you’re expressing love to a significant other, sharing appreciation with friends, or spreading kindness to family members, these handmade cards add an extra layer of sweetness to the occasion.

So, grab your favorite Girl Scout cookies and let your creativity soar as you craft delightful cards filled with love and deliciousness!

Originally published on February 11, 2024. Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Pattie Cordova

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