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Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

A Variety of Ice Cream Sanwiches -


Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

[disclaim]We celebrate Independence Day in partnership with Smart & Final.[/disclaim]

This year, our 4th of July menu will include an ice cream sandwich bar. It’s fun, easy and delicious!

Party Time -

We picked up everything we needed on our Smart & Final trip. We shopped on July 1st which marks the beginning of some of the busiest days of the entire year (a.k.a. Engagement Days). During this same week in 2015, Smart & Final sold over 200% more hot dog packages and pounds of ground beef and 500% more seedless watermelons than they do in a regular week! It gets so crazy busy that even Smart & Final corporate employees roll up their sleeves and join their fellow associates in their local stores. They all work together stocking shelves and collecting carts in the parking lot.

Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas -

We found everything we needed including plenty of fresh baked cookies and ice cream toppings. The chiclets got a kick out of choosing everything and dreaming up ice cream sandwiches concotions.

How to Have an Awesome Ice Cream Sandwich Party -

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

We chose to go with an ice cream sandwich bar because it’s getting super hot here in Southern California. It’s the perfect chance for our guests to get creative and cool down a bit at the same time.

Ice Cream

First Street ice cream is incredibly delicious. We chose three different flavors that were a little neutral and would mesh well with the other toppings. I recommend pre-scooping the ice cream into a bowl or plate and leaving it in the freezer until it’s ready to be used.

Smart & Final Ice Cream Ideas -

Fun ways to Use Ice Cream -

Party for Smart & Final -

Cookies, crackers and pizzelles

We picked up a few boxes of First Street cookies and added graham crackers and pizelles to the mix. I would suggest that you stick the cookies in the freezer before your guests come over to ensure that they’re sturdy enough to withhold the ice cream filling. Of course, if available, pick up the variety pack. Everyone loves a good variety!

Smart & Final Cookies and crackers -

DIY Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches -


You cannot have too many toppings. Throw in some classics, but make sure to mix in something different too. And most likely, these ice cream sandwiches will be hitting the snapchat and Instragram accounts of your guests… so you want to give them the stuff to make their creations look super cute!

Smart and Final Ice Cream Toppings -

Nut Toppings for Ice Cream -

Ice Cream Toppings -

Colorful Sprinkles for ice cream sandwiches -

It was fun coming up with our own ice cream sandwiches variations. The kids put some serious thought into what would go good together. The marshmallow fluff was probably the best the best topping that we had, as well as the chocolate topping that freezes into a hard shell. Look how great they turned out!

Strawberry Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwich -

Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Sandwich -

Mint and Chip Ice Cream Sandwich -

Graham Cracker Ice Cream -

Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas -

I invite you to visit your local Smart & Final to pick up everything you need for an ice cream sandwich bar. And if you have any ideas or tips to make it more over the top – I would love to hear them!

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ice cream sandwich bar ideas - livingmividaloca


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