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Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Food Guide 2020


Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Food Guide 2020

My favorite event of the year at Knott’s Berry Farm is their annual Boysenberry Festival!!! We are super excited about the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival because it features our favorite berry in every shape and form. We put together this Boysenberry Festival Food Guide that will help you navigate the park as you jump from eatery to eatery.

p.s. If you want to visit more than once, I highly recommend picking up the Knott’s Berry Farm season pass.

Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Food Guide -
Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Food Guide –

Boysenberry Festival Food Guide

There are a few different ways to enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival. You can purchase pre-organized tastings choosing either (or both!) tasting cards – the Boysenberry Festival Tasting Cards and/or the Wine and Craft Beer Brew Garden Tasting Card. If you’re feeling frugal I would suggest you purchase one of each and share the tastings with someone.

Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card Items

You’ll purchase the card and go throughout Ghost Town picking up the different plates of food. A great way to indulge in the new boysenberry food items during the festival is by purchasing a tasting card. The tasting card will offer eight tastings from a selection of 26 boysenberry-inspired dishes and drinks.  A variety of signature boysenberry items will also be available for purchase a la carte.

  • Refreshing lemonade with basil and boysenberry
  • Boysenberry Beer cheese soup with a boysenberry drizzle topped with brown butter croutons
  • Sautéed brussel sprouts topped with boysenberry balsamic and bacon
  • Tender beef tips served with creamy boysenberry mashed potato
  • Rich chocolatey boysenberry chicken mole on cilantro rice
  • Boysenberry Sangria
  • Boysenberry Cajun shrimp served over a bed of buttery grits
  • Two chicken drumsticks bathed in boysenberry BBQ sauce
  • Hearty boysenberry steak chili with an oven fresh boysenberry corn bread muffin
  • Samosa’s with boysenberry chutney
  • Pork Bao bun dumpling with a boysenberry kimchi and Nam pla
  • Citrusy boysenberry ceviche with crispy tortilla chips
  • A sweet boysenberry smoothie packed with fruity flavors
  • Homemade crunchy chips paired with a zesty boysenberry onion dip
  • Grilled boysenberry sausage in a bun with boysenberry ketchup 
  • Elote rolled in boysenberry mayo  topped with a boysenberry tortilla crumble and cotija cheese
  • Creamy mac and cheese bites with a tangy boysenberry ketchup
  • Glazed donut holes served with rich boysenberry ice cream and topped with boysenberry coulis
  • Boysenberry bread pudding topped with boysenberry coulis and anglaise sauce
  • Hot pastrami sandwich on a pretzel bun with boysenberry mustard
  • Boysenberry macaron, a sensational French dessert
  • Churros powdered with boysenberry sugar
  • Extra creamy boysenberry ice cream
  • Boysenberry Beer
  • Boysenberry Wine
  • Boysenberry Mimosa

Price: $40 and $38 for season pass holders.
Where to buy: Purchase online or at the following locations at the park: Sutters Grill, Pemmican Pickle, Calico Saloon, Churro Factory, Ghost Town Bakery, Spurs Chop House, Gold Trails Hotel, General Store, Little Spurs, Ghost Town Candy, and the California Store. If you purchase online, you’ll redeem the e-voucher at one of the locations where you can purchase a tasting card.

5 Things You Must Do at Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival -

Boysenberry Festival Wine and Craft Brew Garden Tasting Cards

The Wine and Craft Brew Garden is located inside of Ghost Town’s Wilderness Dance Hall. It’s my happy place, and I love that I can bring the chiclets in there too because they have non-alcoholic treats for them too! The Wine and Craft Brew Garden will serve beer and wine from 10 breweries and 10 wineries, including boysenberry beer and boysenberry wine. Stop by the dance hall during the day to cool off, and return in the evening because it’s super pretty when the lights come on. Don’t miss the Snoopy-shaped topiary outside the dance hall. It’s fun and cute and will make for a great Instagram pic.

The Craft Beer and Wine Tasting Card will feature 8 tasters (7oz) and will come with a Knott’s cup, cheese and nut plate.

Price: $35
Where to buy: Purchase at Ghost Town’s Wilderness Dance Hall

Knott's Boysenberry Festival food items at Knott's Berry Farm - - #KnottsBerryFarm #BoysenberryFestival #BuenaPark

Create your own foodie tour

Knott’s Berry Farm is a blast during the Boysenberry Festival. There’s always something new to try, and a favorite dish to come back to again and again. If you’re not sure where to start, we listed a few favorites loved by fans as well as the new dishes debuting this year. Oh, and don’t forget to use hashtag #BoysenberryFestival when you’re sharing your photos online so we can all see them.

If you’re looking more for a create-your-own foodie tour then stop by these restaurants and try the specialty boysenberry dishes. Remember that these dishes are not included with admission.

Boysenberry Festival Food Items

Boardwalk BBQ

  • Boysenberry Riblets in Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

Spurs Chophouse

  • Boysenberry Shawarma
  • Boysenberry Cheesecake on a Stick

Ghost Town Grill

  • Boysenberry Philly Cheesesteak
  • Boysenberry Gumbo

Beachy Keen’s Pizza

  • Boysenberry Sausage and Meatball Pizza
  • Boysenberry Dole Whip

Ghost Town Bakery

  • Boysenberry Flavored Macaroons, Cookies, Key Lime Tarts, Cannoli, and Eclairs
latina mom wearing a floral dress holding a slice of boysenberry cake -
5 Things You Must Do at Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival -

Ghost Town Grub

  • Fun Bun with a Boysenberry Glaze
  • Boysenberry Crepe with Chocolate and Bananas
Knott's Boysenberry Festival food items at Knott's Berry Farm - - #KnottsBerryFarm #BoysenberryFestival #BuenaPark
Knott's Boysenberry Festival food items at Knott's Berry Farm - - #KnottsBerryFarm #BoysenberryFestival #BuenaPark

Gourmet Coffee Hut

  • Boysenberry and Strawberry Bubble Tea/ Boba


  • Boysenberry Tortilla Quesadilla
  • Sweet Boysenberry Tamales
Latina mom trying out boysenberry boba tea -
What to expect at the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm -

ICEE Mix-It-Up

  • Boysenberry Cucumber Lemonade
boysenberry cookie sandwich with chocolate chips on a wooden board -
What to expect at the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm -

Food Carts

  • Boysenberry Cotton Candy
boysenberry wings at Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival -
Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Food Guide -

Strictly On A Stick

  • Popcorn Chicken with Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

La Papa Loca

  • Boysenberry BBQ Pulled Pork Fries

FIesta Dog and Broiler

  • 2-Foot Long Hot Dog on a Boysenberry Bun
kids holding 2 foot long hot dog -

Calico Saloon

  • Boysenberry Draft Beer
  • Boysenberry Wine
  • Calico Soda

Chow House

  • Boysenberry Lemon Churro Bites

Grizzly Creek Lodge

  • Boysenberry Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Plain or with Pork Belly

Log Ride Funnel Cake

  • Boysenberry Funnel Cake topped with a Boysenberry Cookie and Ice Cream
  • Funnel Cake topped with a Stuffed Donut, Boysenberry Ice Cream, and Boysenberry Whipped Cream

Cable Car Kitchen

  • Boysenberry Waffle
  • Boysenberry Funnel Cake topped with a Boysenberry Cookie and Ice Cream
  • Funnel Cake topped with a Stuffed Donut, Boysenberry Ice Cream, and Boysenberry Whipped Cream


  • Boysenberry Cake Shake
  • Turkey Sandwich with Boysenberry – Cranberry Sauce

There is so much to do during the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival, other than eating I mean. There is also a whole row set up at Ghost Town from artisans selling their gorgeous handmade goods, there is live entertainment, special shows and folksy festival fun. Plan out the rest of your day here:

What items can you get with the Knott’s Berry Farm All Season Dining Plan?

Here is a list of items you can get using your Knott’s All Season Dining meal plan:

  • Boysenberry BBQ Cheddar Pizza slice- Hollywood Hits
  • Boysenberry Western Burger Basket- Coasters
  • Boysenberry Pulled Pork Sandwich- Boardwalk BBQ
  • Boysenberry House Salad- Boardwalk BBQ
  • Boysenberry Chicken Fries- La Papa Loca
  • Boysenberry Pulled Pork Fries- Sutter’s Fry
  • Boysenberry Butter Grilled Cheese Basket- Grizzly Creek Lodge

Knott’s Berry Farm
8039 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park CA 90620

Boysenberry Festival
Dates: March 20 – April 19, 2020

>>> Get Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets for the event! <<<

What to expect at the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm -
What to expect at the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm -

Where to stay in Buena Park

  • Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel – our first choice because it’s literally within the resort. Your hotel stay also includes parking and if you book the Snoop room, Snoopy himself tucks you in (plus, you get two Snoopy plushies).
  • Courtyard by Marriott Anaheim – within walking distance to Knott’s Berry Farm (only half a mile away). Hotel stay includes free self-parking.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Anaheim Buena Park – one mile away from Knott’s Berry Farm. Hotel stay includes breakfast and free self-parking.

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