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Visiting Ostrich Land USA in Solvang, California

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Visiting Ostrich Land USA in Solvang, California

We partnered with Stride Rite to share our Ostrich Land in Solvang trip.

Our familia (and extended family) went up to Santa Barbara for a few days. While there, we took everyone to Ostrich Land USA in Solvang for a chance to see and feed the ostriches and emus.

Ostrich Land in Solvang, CA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostriches at OstrichLand USA in Solvang - LivingMiVidaLoca.com

Ostrich Land USA is located off the 101 HWY about 40 minutes away from Santa Barbara. The kids had never been and I knew they would get a kick out of seeing these huge animals out in the fields.

Emu drinking water - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostrich Land USA is a huge lot. It’s open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to dusk. Free parking is available in front, and restrooms are located inside the ranch.

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This special spot in Solvang is super affordable with admission prices being $6 for visitors age 13 and above, and $3 for visitors 12 years old and under. Each entrance fee includes a bowl of feed to take out into the ranch to feed the ostriches and emus.

Visitors can feed emus at OstrichLand USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

The kids get a kick out of seeing the emus and ostriches clamor to the feeding bowls. Some can get aggressive, so I highly suggest parents stick around the kids until they get comfortable enough to do it themselves.

Feeding ostriches off the 101 HWY - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostrich land USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Feeding emus at OstrichLand USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

The emus and ostriches are separated from each other and both are behind wooden fences. The animals have a lot of space to roam around and it’s so cool to see them run after each other. They’re super fast!

Solvang attractions - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

What to do at OstrichLand USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Visiting OstrichLand USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Once you’re done feeding the animals, you can hang out on one of their benches and see the silkie chickens walk around, visit their rabbits and turkeys, and enjoy the scenery.

White turkey - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

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Silkie chickens at OstrichLand - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostrich Land - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

When you visit, I would suggest you wear closed-toe shoes, and something that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. It’s all dirt out there on the farm, and the kids won’t pay too much attention at keeping clean. It’s why I made sure that the chiclet wore his StrideRite Made to Play shoes and comfortable play clothes. We also made sure to keep them hydrated because there isn’t much in the form of shade when you’re out there by the ostriches and emus.

Stride Rite made to play shoes - livingmividaloca.com

Once home, I threw in the kid’s StrideRite shoes into the wash – yup, they’re machine washable! They were all dirty and dusty, with a handful of straw and pebbles for a good mix. They needed a really good cleaning.

Child walking at Ostrich Land USA - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Stride Rite shoe deals - livingmividaloca.com

Stride Rite sale - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Central California ostrich land - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostrich Land USA off the 101 HWY - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

We had the best time in Central California and we’re so happy that we visited OstrichLand USA. It was a great experience for all of us, and we even got the chance to check out their gift shop filled with ostrich eggs and other ostrich and emu related products.

OstrichLand USA in Solvang, Central California - LivingMiVidaLoca.com/ostrichland-usa-solvang-california

Ostrich Land USA

Address: 610 E Highway 246, Solvang, CA 93463
Phone number: (805) 686-9696
Website: http://www.ostrichlandusa.com

Originally published on August 15, 2016. Last Updated on October 26, 2022 by Pattie Cordova

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