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Angry Birds birthday party for our four-year old


Angry Birds birthday party for our four-year old

My four year old had a birthday party last month and it took everything I had to convince him to have an Angry Birds birthday party instead of a Plants vs. Zombies birthday party. My reasoning? There are ZERO PvZ products available. With a five month old in the home, I couldn’t imagine the hours of work I would have had to put into a Plants vs. Zombies party. As it turned out, the Angry Birds party was a lot of work too… but it came out super cool!

In an effort to keep this post short and sweet, I’ll post pictures with a brief description. Any questions can be added in the comments section and I will edit the post with answers. Enjoy!

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Food Ideas and layout

Our family is vegetarian so it was VERY important that all the food available be vegetarian and also, foods that our birthday boy would eat.

Food table // Angry Birds Birthday party // livingmividaloca.com

The table indoors had snacks galore including: roasted seaweed, veggie sticks, white cheddar corn puffs, a veggie tray, chocolate covered marshmallows, fruit, candy cane cookies, Kroger’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, eggnog flavored almonds and cut veggies with ranch dressing.

centerpieces // Angry Birds Birthday party // livingmividaloca.com

My ever-so-crafty mom made the cute centerpieces. We filled it with shred and stuck the chocolate-covered marshmallows inside.

The centerpieces were made by covering small fish bowls with tissue paper. They’re still looking great one month later!

Food ideas // Angry Birds Birthday party // livingmividaloca.com

We purchased the Angry Birds poster at Toys R Us for $5.99. It now hangs in my son’s bedroom above his bed.

vegetables in mini cups // Angry Birds Birthday party // livingmividaloca.com

Covered in a yellow tablecloth, the table also has red feathers and the Angry Birds logo and characters on the dishes.

We served cheese pizza alongside these snacks and washed it down with soft drinks (for the adults), water and juice.

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