Epoca de Oro-inspired awards show viewing fiesta

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La Época de Oro del cine mexican (the Golden Age of Mexican cinema) happened between 1936 and 1959. It was way before my time, but thanks to my parents I had the opportunity to watch a lot of the films that happened during that period. It gave me a deep appreciation for the Mexican culture and those films are the same ones that I want my kids to see as they grow up. It’s also something that I’m reminded of every time awards season comes around. So this time around, I set up some of our family’s favorite foods to enjoy during our Epoca de Oro-inspired awards show viewing fiesta.

Mexican fiesta // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Everything was super easy to set up thanks to our tried-and-true recipes, like our guacamole and salsa.

Mexican food awards viewing party // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Our guacamole recipe can be found here. For a different variation, we added cilantro into the mix. It tasted just as good, and they looked super cute in these oval bowls we purchased from our local party store.

salsa in oval bowls // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Our salsa was made very much like our chile de arbor salsa recipe, but we switched out the chiles and left it a little bit chunkier. Both the guacamole and the salsa were served with casero tortilla chips.

Our drinks of choice were Jarritos for the kids, and palomas for the adults. A paloma is a cocktail we make at home a lot – and we use Jarritos for it too. We buy the toronja (grapefruit) flavor and mix in some tequila. It’s served cold and in a glass, rimmed with lime and salt. It’s so good and super easy to make!

Jarritos mexican soda // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Palomas cocktails // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Cocktail for Mexican themed party // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Our tamales were purchased pre-made to save a couple of hours prep time (and this way, we were also able to have different varieties).

guacamole appetizer in oval bowls // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Our star of the night are the mini sopes. We tend to have these during the week too for dinner, so we know they’re a big hit with the family.

how to cook soles // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

meat for sopes // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Mexican food appetizers // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

These mini sopes were made with marinated pork, but you could easily switch out the meat for veggie substitute, or just leave it out completely and have beans, sour cream and salsa on top. Top it with some cilantro for some added color and fresh taste.

fiesta de epoca de oro // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

For dessert, we chose to serve Mexican coconut candy, Ricolino Paleta Payaso and orejas. The orejas we purchased were sold in a package of 20, but if you can’t find them at your grocery store, you can also make them at home using this orejas recipe.

Mexican coconut candy // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Mexican payaso paletas // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Red Carpet Bingo Printable

The whole family will have a blast with this awards fiesta layout. And because the kids don’t always manage to stay up through an entire awards show, we’ve come up with a fun bingo printable that can be used before the awards show even starts!

Red carpet bingo cards printables // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

Print this Red Carpet Bingo printable and use at your next awards show fiesta. This game is evergreen and can be used for years to come, show after show, and probably even during a movie premier. Enjoy!

Red Carpet Bingo printable – page 1

Red Carpet Bingo printable – page 2

Red Carpet Bingo printable – page 3

epoca de pro fiesta // awards viewing party // livingmividaloca.com

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    Oh my gosh! Everything looks so delicious! I ‘m glad you are able to share the recipes with us. Thanks!


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