Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is Everything an Action Film Should Be!

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Friends! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Is to not miss seeing Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, hitting theatres across the country this Friday, July 31. My advice to you? ACCEPT.

When I received this mission myself from Pattie, there was no doubt I had to accept. As a lover of action movies, the Mission: Impossible series, starring the How-Does-He-Always-Look-So-Good Tom Cruise, is at the top of my favorites. They have become the must-see action adventures, with each one offering us a new, exotic location and characters to love, hate or both while Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is forever our hero.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation review

Our latest installment has perhaps the most mind-blowing introduction scene. We meet up with Benji (Simon Pegg) camouflaged as grass while waiting to get word from Ethan to open an airplane’s door…he is just hanging on the outside. As all systems don’t go as planned, this exhilarating intro had me in chills, and this was all barely five minutes in! Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation finds the always lovable Pegg in perhaps most prominent role yet in his role of fellow Agent and hacker, Benji. The true bond and depths of Benji’s, Ethan’s and the rest of The Impossible Mission Force (IMF) friendship is quite present in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

For Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Hunt has accepted the mission to bring down a Syndicate of terrorists who kill to order and have their eyes on London’s Prime Minister; “The Anti IMF”, as Benji describes them. With trouble back home in the states, William Brandt (a stunning, strong character played brilliantly by Jeremy Renner, who nearly seems to slowly be becoming a new Tom Cruise in the versatile department) is at odds with The CIA on his top-secret involvement with IMF and Hunt’s whereabouts, yet bringing down the Syndicate just might get Brandt some brownie points with the agency.


And, what would Mission: Impossible be without the mighty female lead? Swedish beauty, Rebecca Ferguson fills the shoes as Ilsa, a mysterious woman who we never can 100% trust. As Ethan enlists her help in bringing these bad boys down, Ilsa is quick with information and their excursions to deal with the Syndicate range from The Vienna Opera (a dazzling scene combining stage fight, action, music and a theatrical performance going on) to inside a water tank sans oxygen mask, a scene that gave me chills down my spine!

With each Mission: Impossible having a new Director, I admire the abilities each has had in making it their own, while never straying away from the overall feel of a Mission: Impossible film. With Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’s Christopher McQuarrie, he has brought to the table the ability to keep the ACTION coming. You barely have time to catch your breath with Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation before we’ve moved onto the next thrilling chapter. While previous Directors might have found their approach with the spread out of chase scenes and lengthier dialogue, McQuarrie knows how to create numerous scenes that keep his audience on the edge of their seat.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation film review

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, hits theatres this Friday and while this message will not self-destruct in five seconds, I hope you check out this new Summer smash! Get your tickets at Fandango.

Guest writer: Mary Lansing, alongcomesmaryblog.com

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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