Prepare for Spring Break with Westminster Mall

Spring Break is upon us. While I don’t have any kids in school, the Hubster does and I look forward to Spring Break just like everyone else does. It means that he’ll head home after work and spend quality time with us. Perhaps he’ll take a day (or two) off of work so we can bond? This wife can hope!

So with this beautiful Cali weather I am uber-excited for this coming week and what’s to come. I’m prepared because this year, I headed over to Westminster Mall and geared the family up with everything that we need… and I did it on a budget! Here are a few items that I found which we’ll use and were a total deal.

It’s Spring Break central over at Forever 21! The prices make these pieces totally affordable and because you’ll use these goodies often, they’ll practically pay for themselves! I bought that huge black floppy hat over on the right hand side. Wasn’t much of a splurge since it costs around $10.

Forever 21

My four year old loves sandals… probably because he enjoys being lazy when the sunny days come around and he can put them on in a jiffy. I bought him two pairs of sandals for only $6 at The Children’s Place! A great deal. Though I will note that the Old Navy store has two pairs for $5 (which I found out later via their Twitter page).

The Children’s Place

And if your staycation involves a picnic at the park or maybe a trip down to the beach, take your food in these cute Japanese containers from Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle!

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle

One of my favorite parts of the day is the time right before the kids wake-up. When I have the place to myself and I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This coming week, I’m going to make that week extra special by brewing some gourmet coffee on my Keurig. It’ll be my treat.


And finally, a staycation is really about your state of mind. Indulge your senses by lighting a candle – preferably in one of these exotic scents (available at Bath and Body Works).

Bath and Body Works

I could go on and on about all the wonderful Spring Break items I found at Westminster Mall… seems like the whole mall got the memo. The items above were my fav. So now that you know what I’ll be doing with my Spring Break, tell me… what are your plans?

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I am a Simon Mall Correspondent. I received a gift card from Westminster Mall to facilitate my shopping. This post do not necessarily represent Simon Property Group’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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