Easy DIY gift ideas for dogs

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This year we are thrilled to have a new member join our family.  We have our cute pup, Roxy, who is our mini English bulldog. Our puppy is not just a pet, but an important member of our family. This holiday season we want to make Roxy feel special and part of our festivities by making some special items using Big Heart Pet products.

Milk Bone dog treats

Roxy and I had already crafted a doggy friendly gingerbread house, which turned out yummy and amazing.  By the way, I personally think it’s the best and tastiest gift you can give your furry friend. It can be shared amongst other little pups at family get-togethers, or you have one big doggie then he/she can enjoy it all by himself/herself.

My Roxy loved her house, she wanted to devour the whole thing but I only allowed her to eat pieces at a time.  You may think “gingerbread house” equals “complicated” but by following the howliday videos on See.Walmart.com/Treat-The-Pups you can get it done as simple as 1-2-3.  Just gather your supplies and get your 3 delicious Big Heart Brand snacks.


I used Pup-peroni, Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Grillers, and Milkbones.  My pup loves the chicken grillers and milk bones.  I love feeding her these as her special treat. Like the Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Grillers, they don’t contain any artificial flavors or colors and are 100% real beef. As for the Milkbones, they have vitamins & minerals and clean & freshen your doggy’s breath.  Your doggy gingerbread house is a gift from doggy heaven that is filled with delicious snacks your pup will love!


My Roxy enjoyed it so much that I actually want to craft one to share with the other pups in the family at our family Christmas dinner party.  We have five other doggies in our family, so the kids and I decided to craft some dog bone stockings from the Pawsome Pin page and give them as gifts to them when they visit.

After the kids saw the dog friendly gingerbread house that we created, they also wanted to craft some special gifts for Roxy.  We went to See.Walmart.com/Treat-The-Pups and the kids and I chose several DIY crafts for them to create.

Ornaments for pets

The first DIY craft we chose was the “Pawsome Ornament”.  This is one that I definitely wanted to do because like kids, pups can grow up too fast.  I laid everything out for the kids and just supervised them while crafting.  They had fun trying to get Roxy’s paw print on the clay.  After several attempts, we finally got a good paw print to put our clay in the oven.  I forgot to make a hole for the ribbon before I baked it, but I managed to glue the ribbon to the back and add the treats on top.  It turned out pretty good for our first try at making our first pawsome ornament.  The kids chose blue clay, but I think the gray would of have been better to see the paw print.

treats jar for pets

The second DIY craft we chose was the “Howliday Treat Jar”.  This one was so simple and easy for the little ones to do.  I just helped with tying the ribbon around.  My two little ones stuffed the jar with the Pup-peronis, Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Grillers, and small milkbones.  I cut the pup-peronis in pieces because they were long and didn’t fit into the jar.  I like this DIY craft to gift to the other pups in the family because it’s quick and simple gift.

dog bone stocking

The third DIY craft that we attempted to create were the “Dog Bone Stocking”.  The kids helped me cut the first ones to give out as goodie bag stockings at the Christmas party and I created Roxy’s stocking.  It was easy to put together and now Roxy’s stocking joined ours on the wall.

With so many ideas to treat your little furry friend, there is no excuse this season to show the one the loves you unconditionally what he/she means to you.

Don’t forget to visit the “Pawsome Pins” on See.Walmart.com/Treat-The-Pups for DIY ideas to use with any Big Heart Puppy brands and a chance to win a free Big Heart Product coupon.

You can enter by watch/share the videos on See.Walmart.com/Treat-The-Pups and discuss the importance of including pets this holiday season; or share any pet safety tips.

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