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Playing dress up with Vi and Va dolls

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Playing dress up with Vi and Va dolls

[disclaim]This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.[/disclaim]

I have two nieces who love to play dress up with dolls. Whenever I gift them a new doll, I head for the usual blonde hair dolls because up until now, there weren’t many choices. That has all changed with the recent arrival of Vi and Va dolls (exclusively at Target).

[lightbox title=”Vi and Va dolls collection are available in stores now” url=”https://livingmividaloca.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/vi-and-va-dolls-collection-available-in-stores.jpg” width=”900″ height=”500″]Vi and Va dolls collection are available in stores now[/lightbox]

Vi and Va is a fashion doll line inspired by Latino cultures. It revolves around teenage sisters – Viviana and Valentina, Vi and Va for short. Their best friends are Felicia and Roxxi, also teenagers. These four girls are excited about life, love to hang out together and play dress up, they have their own hobbies, but best of all, they embrace their heritage. From the way they dress to their thick beautiful hair, there is no denying that these dolls will remind other little Latina girls of themselves.

[lightbox title=”Vi and Va dolls collection” url=”https://livingmividaloca.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/vi-and-va-dolls-collection.jpg” width=”900″ height=”500″]Vi and Va dolls collection[/lightbox]

Meet Vi, Va and their cousins

The Dancer | 18 Years Old | Roxxi can be a bit of a klutz, but put on some music and she will suddenly become elegant and graceful with all kinds of dance moves, from ballet to hip-hop to salsa.

The Singer | 16 Years Old | Vi is spontaneous and easy going. She’s passionate about sharing her love of music and she’s always ready to break out her guitar at family gatherings.

The Chef | 15 Years Old | Va is so neat and organized. She loves learning to cook from her mother and grandmothers. She’s already perfected some seriously awesome savory family recipes, like empanadas.

The Artist | 17 Years Old | Felicia sometimes finds it hard to focus, but then, out of nowhere she’ll have a creative explosion and come up with a genius idea for her next artistic masterpiece.

[lightbox title=”Latina girls playing with Vi and Va dolls collection” url=”https://livingmividaloca.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/latina-girls-play-with-vi-and-va-dolls.jpg” width=”900″ height=”500″]Latina girls playing with Vi and Va dolls collection[/lightbox]

My nieces picked their favorite dolls almost instantly. At first, they were drawn by the style of the clothes and the amazing shoes. Then when they saw the accessories, that just solidified their choices.

[lightbox title=”doll shoes” url=”https://livingmividaloca.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/vi-and-va-doll-shoes.jpg” width=”900″ height=”500″]Doll shoes[/lightbox]

And then I just let them go. My nieces automatically started role playing with the dolls. They gave the dolls back stories, gave them pretend lives, conflicts and then worked them out with each other. Between the pretend novela drama, the girls played dress up by switching out outfits and shoes. It was so cute seeing them play and took me back to when I was a young girl playing with my own dolls.

[lightbox title=”Hispanic girl playing with Vi and Va dolls” url=”https://livingmividaloca.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/hispanic-girl-plays-vi-and-va-dolls.jpgL” width=”900″ height=”500″]Hispanic girl playing with Vi and Va dolls[/lightbox]

I love seeing my nieces play with their new Vi and Va dolls, and I’m happy that they can identify with the dolls that they are now using. Of course, my favorite feature on the dolls is that they all look different. They have different colored hair, eyes and skin color, but the cohesive Latina theme shines through.

Find out more about the Vi and Va fashion doll line on their website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can purchase these cool dolls at your local Target, along with additional accessories and clothing that they can use for dress up, including a party/Quinceañera collection.

Watch Vi and Va dolls on LatinoKidsTV.com

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This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Originally published on May 1, 2015. Last Updated on August 9, 2017 by Pattie Cordova



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