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Celebrate Las Posadas with these easy recipes

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Las posadas is an annual holiday tradition, that while religious, also very much a Latina thing to do even if you’re not Catholic. This year, we’re sharing how to celebrate Las Posadas with these easy recipes that I’ve highlighted below. Of course, you’ll probably need to visit a Mexican market to pick up your ingredients and you know that we always recommend Northgate Market if you’re in Southern California. It’s where we do our weekly grocery shopping!



We favor the one on Lincoln Ave in Anaheim because it’s the newest one, it’s HUGE and they always pass out a bunch of samples, but the one on La Palma in Anaheim is also good because it has a big parking lot and it’s easy to get in and out of. Finally, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, stop by the Northgate on Soto Street. They have fresh masa going out on a regular basis and the staff is always friendly.


So what exactly is Las Posadas? Well it’s nine days of recreating the Holy Pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph as they went into Bethlehem were Jesus was later born. It starts on December 16 and ends on December 24 where families then gather in large groups to do the procession. Nowadays, families also gather under one roof and don’t necessarily go from house to house. It can be one big potluck party where everyone is encouraged to bring in foods (as opposed to walking from house to house like a progressive dinner).

If you’re looking to host a Posadas dinner, I have a few delicious recipes that you might want to try out this season. Starting with…


This delicious champurrado is a little bit of a twist on Mexican hot chocolate. It’s really easy to make and a huge hit because it goes great with tamales.

Get the recipe here.

How to make champurrado

Ponche Navideño

The beverage star of Christmas Eve dinner is this Ponche Navideño because it can be served as-is for the chiclets and with a little bit of alcohol for the adults. It’s versatile, easy to make and truly an authentic addition to your meal.

Get the recipe here.

Mexican ponche recipe

White Pozole with Chicken

There are a few pozole variations, but we like to make this one because it’s not greasy, it’s cheap to make and it tastes great with coffee.

Get the recipe here.

Easy pozole recipe

Dulce de Leche Rice Pudding

This sweet dessert is great for posadas because you can make ahead, and even serve it in individual cups to have ready by the time your guests arrive.

Get the recipe here.

Dulce de Leche arroz con leche recipe

Chile de Arbol Salsa

A freshly made salsa is part of the deal, and our chile de arbol salsa is as easy as it gets. Make a huge batch and package a few small containers for guests to take home as a gift.

Get the recipe here.

Chile de Arbol Salsa Recipe // livingmividaloca.com

There you have it, a handful of easy recipes you can whip up in time for Las Posadas. Of course, if you’re not feeling up to cooking, I would highly suggest you visit your local Northgate Market and pick up some ready-made foods. It tastes just like something my mom would make (and my mom is a great cook). In fact, we like it so much that we’ve actually picked up our meals there while we grocery shop. And the prices are so reasonable.

Tips: Buy tamales in bulk to save a little more money, and buy a green and red salsa because they’re both delicious but taste different.







Originally published on December 12, 2016. Last Updated on November 8, 2019 by Pattie Cordova

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