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Five Things You Must Do at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido

Five Things You Must Do at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido

Visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park? Here are our tips for five things you must do at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, California!

We had the opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It is the perfect place to visit with loved ones, and about an hour and fifteen minute drive from central Orange County. It’s the perfect day trip and the park offers so much to do for kids and adults.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We found that there was not enough time to do everything in one day at the Safari Park, so we have a list of five things you must try that will make your visit memorable. We also found out the park has an annual pass, which we highly recommend due to all the fun we had as a family.

Guide to San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido

Africa Tram

The Africa Tram was our favorite part of of the park because you feel so close to the animals, and you get to see them roaming around in a natural habitat.

The kids thought the experience was so awesome being so close to the animals.

They were a bit nervous also, but the great part is that most of the animals are far away from the tram and there are safety barriers put in place between the tram and the open land. Their favorite part of the experience was seeing the giraffes and the zebras.

San Diego Zoo Africa Tram

Conservation Carousel

The carousel is located very close to the front of the park, so you can’t miss it. The kids loved it because they were able to use it multiple times a day.

The cost to ride the carousel is $6 and includes unlimited rides. The kids loved it because they were able to sit together the first time in the ride, and then were able to ride separately. There is also a bench on the ride for people with disabilities.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Carousel

Balloon Safari

The balloon safari is better geared towards older kids, and adults. Our kids didn’t want to ride this attraction because they were too scared.

It looks fun because you get to see the entire park from a higher altitude, but again this is better suited for those not scared of heights.

The cost to get on the hot air balloon is $20. We are planning another trip in the future with adults only, and want to try this attraction with them.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Balloon

Petting Kraal

The kids loved the petting kraal because they were able to pet the furry goats and then wash their hands nearby, it’s suitable for all ages.

They also have lockers nearby in case you need to store your belongings. Do note that they don’t allow food inside the petting area.

San Diego Zoo Safari Petting Kraal
Petting Goats at Safari Park Escondido
Handwashing at Petting Kraal

Dining at Mawazo Kitchen

After riding the tram, we were so hungry, so we found a restaurant not too far from the tram that offered unique items and also had kid friendly options.

We tried Mawazo kitchen and we loved it!

The adults in the party had the Quesabirria tacos meal and the chicken tenders meal, and the kids each had a cheese quesadilla meal. We all loved the food, it was delicious.

There are also plenty of tables at Mawazo Kitchen and we had no problem finding a place to sit.

Mawazo Kitchen at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
San Diego Zoo Safari Park Chicken Tenders
Safari Park Tacos

A few more tips

There will be a lot of walking, so make sure you bring water, comfortable shoes and a stroller for young children.

The park is stroller friendly, and we did see many strollers throughout the park, as well as electric mobility chairs for older visitors.

There are also plenty of benches throughout the park to take rest breaks, and we found we were able to rest our feet while riding the 30-minute tram, and also while the kids rode the carousel.

Although we didn’t visit the playgrounds, that is also another way to get some rest while the kids play. Also, if you get there early you can avoid long lines and crowds.

There are also several places throughout the park where the kids can look through a telescope, and it only costs 25 cents so make sure you take quarters with you if possible.

The park also sells the cutest merchandise, and we loved the gorilla collection and the plush monkeys.

We didn’t get a chance to do everything, because the kids got tired after a few hours, so make sure you plan ahead and choose the attractions that you think the family will love.

Visit sdzsafaripark.org/tickets for tickets to the park!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Telescopes

We had a wonderful time attending the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and it made such a memorable visit for our family. We can’t wait to return!

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Originally published on January 23, 2023. Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Pattie Cordova

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