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different ways to use lemon


5 fabulous uses for lemons

[disclaim]Guest post by Justine Burgess[/disclaim]
Now that it’s summer, I’m betting you’re thinking beaches, barbecues, and of course, lemonade (or maybe lemon-drop martinis). Lemon juice is all natural, non-toxic, and smells delicious. But did you know that you can do more with lemons than just make them into refreshing beverages?
different ways to use lemon

Having written about green cleaning methods before, this week we’ve compiled a list to remind you of 5 great uses for lemons. These are simple ways to add a little healthfulness and “green” to your diet and cleaning routine. So get juicing, make yourself your choice of citrus beverage, and try some of these out at home.

1. Deodorize. Use lemon juice in a cup or sponge to eliminate odors from your fridge, and toss half a lemon down your garbage disposal the next time you run it to get rid of those nasty food smells that can accumulate. Or, simmer lemon peels on the stove like potpourri. Your house will have a fresh citrusy scent.

2. Keep fruits and veggies from turning brown. Sprinkle some lemon juice over apples, bananas, or any other fruit that tends to turn colors when exposed to air. The juice will keep your fruit looking pretty and add a boost of vitamin C.

3. Use like bleach. Bleach your clothes or your hair- lemon juice works for both. Add a quarter cup when doing your laundry (rinse cycle works best for most people), and for extra whitening power, hang them dry in the sun. For hair, cover it with lemon juice and let it dry in the hot sun as well (while you relax with a book by the pool- or kiddie pool, in my case). Then, wash it out so it’s not sticky.

4. Cleaning. Use half a lemon and put some salt or baking soda over the cut end, then use the lemon like a scrubber to scrub down your sink or counter. Once it is clean to your satisfaction, rinse thoroughly.

5. Add lemon to your water. No, no lemonade. Just good old water. A squeeze of lemon juice can make even odd tasting tap water palatable, and it has the benefit of vitamins. Or, make the lemonade and then add a little “adult beverage” of your choice for a refreshing kick on a summer day.

After all, life is all about making lemons into lemonade.

Originally published on June 28, 2013. Last Updated on January 28, 2016 by Pattie Cordova

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