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Money-saving coupons to use during Summer vacation

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I’m a mom of two kids. My oldest is six and a half, and my youngest just turned three. And let me tell you, there are times where I cannot wait until 8 p.m. bedtime hits. It’s exhausting! And I only have TWO kids! It feels like I’m scrambling each day to meet the demands of la familia when and wherever they come up. Especially when it comes to shopping – time and budgets are strained.

I see our budget as a challenge and every month I’m on a mission to meet it. Many times, thanks to coupons, deals and the brilliance of the clearance aisle. I set aside a day to shop (usually Wednesdays) and get it all out of the way that same day.

So even though la vida is challenging, I still manage to give an extra thought to coupons. In fact, I’m going to need to even more now. My oldest just finished Kindergarten and we have started crossing things off of our Summer bucket list, which includes lots of day trips, picnics, and even just staying home. I never quite realized just how much my oldest eats during the day! I like to keep things easy by having sandwich toppings ready to go, so he can make a sandwich when he gets hungry between meals.

I have become all about meeting the needs of my family, really trying to stay on top of laundry and making sure that there is food in the refrigerator. So while my mind is constantly racing and thinking, “How quickly can I get it all done? Is there anything I can cut out of my day?” in the end, I know that I need every little help that I can get to save money, yet still have fun with the family. This is why I’ve partnered with Kimberly-Clark and their campaign, “Pick Up the Values” so that I can tell that if you’re like me and trying to meet all the demands that you have as a mother, you can still have access to what you need, when you need it with www.PickUptheValues.com.

When you visit PickUptheValues.com, you’ll have the opportunity to download valuable coupons from participating Kimberly-Clark brands, including Huggies diapers and wipes, Scott paper towels, Kleenex brand facial tissue and Cottonelle toilet paper, to help stretch your dollar even further and help keep your home filled and your family’s needs met all summer long. If you share on Facebook, you’ll get access to even more coupons! Print them, cut and save them in an envelope and tote them around with you. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to save money.

Learn more about Kimberly-Clark via their website, Facebook page or @PickUptheValues on Twitter.

Originally published on June 13, 2014. Last Updated on February 14, 2016 by Pattie Cordova

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