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baby next to Huggies diaper box


Outdoor baby shower tips

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In the summer months, outdoor parties are always a must – especially baby showers. Around this time, the mommy-to-be is already hot enough from the extra love inside her and a refreshing and relaxing outdoor baby shower is perfect. Today we’re sharing a few outdoor baby shower tips from the numerous baby showers I have had and helped organize to help your outdoor baby shower go off without a hitch.

outdoor baby shower tips

Baby Shower Games

I like to start with the fun stuff, and baby shower games are my forte. I like to make them easy and fun to keep the laughs, sharing and advice coming. My personal favorite is Baby Shower Bingo. This game is a classic and engages guests in the gift opening!

Here’s how to play:

  • Print out enough Bingo templates for each guest
  • Fill in the registry items in the blank squares
  • Distribute one Bingo card and pen to each guest
  • As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, guests mark off the gifts on their cards
  • Whoever completes their first row is the winner and gets a small prize!

I also never throw a baby shower without a “Diapers and Wipes Raffle.” On the invite, encourage guests to bring diapers and wipes to be entered in a special raffle for a prize. This is a great way to help the mom-to-be build a good supply of diapers and wipes, since the average parent will go through an estimated 2,200 diapers in their baby’s first year of life alone!

I have five kids now, so I know a thing or two about diapers and I LOVE Huggies brand new diapers and wipes at Costco. They are the most absorbent diapers for day and night protection and are designed to give babies positively premium baby care. I use Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers on my baby because they have a GentleAbsorb Liner with tiny pillows for a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and the mess. The diapers also have a wetness indicator that changes color when baby needs a change – it cannot get easier for mom. Make sure to encourage people to bring various diaper sizes so mom-to-be does not end up with enough size one boxes to last a year.

baby next to Huggies diaper box

Another essential to bring for a mom-to-be at a baby shower is wipes. My baby and I use Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes from Costco. They are thicker and more durable, which makes my life a whole lot easier! They also have the simplest formula ever with 99 percent water. I love not guessing what I’m using on my baby’s super sensitive skin!

Location, location, location

The outdoors is a nice relaxing location where you can let mother nature be your decorator. I find that you don’t need to add much other than maybe some fresh floral arrangements for centerpieces. My favorite is hanging tissue paper pom poms from trees and/or the porch. They are easy to make and add a nice, elegant touch.

The Menu

Food is also something that doesn’t have to be so strained or stressful for mom-to-be. Since it’s outdoors, croissant sandwiches and salads are great. My favorite? Costco food platters and salads in a bag. They have all the mix-ins in the bag, making it super easy to just toss together.

costco salad

It’s nice to have beverage options for guests of all ages. We usually serve horchata at our parties. Horchata (a.k.a. rice water) is really sweet and refreshing. We serve it alongside lemonade since it just doesn’t feel like summer without it. I like to add sliced strawberries in the pitcher to add some color. Also, making a fruit sangria – for the non-pregnant guests – is a perfect pairing for an outdoor baby shower.


The best part about planning a baby shower is that I can shop at Costco for all my party needs. Planning a baby shower becomes a breeze using Costco as a one stop shop for decor, food, and gifts. And it’s perfect for throwing a baby shower on a budget!

[disclaim]This is a sponsored post in partnership with Huggies. All thoughts and opinions remain our own.[/disclaim]

Originally published on July 10, 2015. Last Updated on July 24, 2018 by Pattie Cordova

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1 Comment

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