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Kids love reading “Bugs in my Hair”

As the mamá of two boys, I have read my share of gross yucky books. There was the one about snakes (my greatest fear), the one about snot (ew!), the one about the grossest foods on Earth, and now, there’s the one about lice – Bugs in my Hair by David Shannon.

lice life cycle

Yes, as the back book cover says, it WILL make you itchy. I’ve had lice twice in my life (once in junior high and once after a trip to Puerto Vallarta) so I remember just how uncomfortable and self-conscious it made me. What I liked most about this book was the fact that it features a boy as the kid carrying lice in his hair. I was so happy to see the stereotype of girls having lice that it made the rest of the book a little easier to read.

lice book

The book takes you through the cycle of lice, including what nits are, and then how the mom gets rid of lice and what treatment she does to get rid of them. Honestly, I cannot wait until my kid can read it himself because it’s just gross enough to make me want to rush through it. My boys love it though – go figure! It must be the graphics and illustrations. It’s definitely an interesting addition to your bookshelf and you might even find yourself learning something new about these pesky little critters.

About Bugs in my Hair

Is something bugging you? Bestselling award-winner David Shannon shows the funny side of waging war against–oh no!–head lice.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh–and itch! From the opening picture of a happy, oversized louse appearing with his suitcases, you know these bugs are determined to stay, and Mom is about to go nuts!

Nobody talks about them, but they are everywhere. (Some estimate 20 million children a year host them.) Oh the shame and humiliation of having bugs in your hair! But if you go to school, or have play dates, chances are good you might meet them someday. Maybe you already have! Lucky for you, the unwelcome bugs in this story are so funny you will be laughing aloud–even when Mom attacks them with battle-tested anti-lice weapons.

For ages 4-8 years.

About David Shannon

David Shannon is the internationally acclaimed creator of more than thirty picture books, including No, David!, a Caldecott Honor Book and his second New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year, and three more David picture books. He lives in California with his family.

This is not a sponsored post. I received this book for my kids. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Originally published on September 16, 2013. Last Updated on December 7, 2018 by Pattie Cordova

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