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Back to School Shopping at Westminster Mall

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Back to School Shopping at Westminster Mall

Back-to-School shopping is still in full effect. It was apparent EVERYWHERE we went while we strolled through the Westminster Mall. It seems like every store had a back-to-school sale, or items on sale that we could use this fall – like hand sanitizers (and lots of it).

Places like Bath & Body Works have their anti-bacterial hand soaps on sale – which would also make great teacher’s gifts. My favorite store at the mall, Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, has school supplies – with a twist. They all hail from Japan and they are super affordable (just take a look at the erasers in the pic above). And it seemed like shoes were on sale everywhere we went. Payless Shoe Source had Airwalks on sale for $19.99 and DSW has their usual clearance racks at the back of the store full of great brand-name shoes. My fav were these Spider-man sneakers that my kid found. A little over my budget, but so worth it if your kid is looking to make a statement with his shoes.

Wesminster Mall

In the end, my best score was finding an outfit for my kid to wear to soccer practice. I found it at Old Navy and both items were on clearance. The best part is that these pieces of clothing have UPF 50 built in, they are super soft and the shirt is tagless and has moisture-wicking.

Westminster Mall - Old Navy

I am a Simon Mall Correspondent. I received a gift card from Westminster Mall to facilitate my shopping. This post do not necessarily represent Simon Property Group’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Originally published on August 15, 2012. Last Updated on August 9, 2017 by Pattie Cordova



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