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Best place to buy pie in Orange County

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Best place to buy pie in Orange County

There are pie shops all over the place these days, but where is the best place to buy pie in Orange County? You might be surprised to learn that this answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. The fact of the matter is, there are many factors that go into pie quality and taste. Freshness, texture, consistency and flavor can vary wildly between different bakeries which means you need to do your homework before making a final decision on where you will purchase your pie from.

Some of the Living Mi Vida Loca team’s fondest memories revolve around our monthly team meetings where we get together and catch up on life and building our brand. We make sure to bring coffee and dessert, and sometimes that includes pies.

Due to the pandemic, we had to pause our monthly team meetings for a while, but I think we’re due for some pie and girl talk! Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, just because, or girls night in, they’re all sure to make some wonderful memories.

Below, we have highlighted a few pie shops in Orange County that you should consider when purchasing pie around Thanksgiving.

Best place to buy pie in Orange County:

Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park

We love the boysenberry pie at Knott’s Berry Farm. You can find it at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. You don’t need Knott’s Berry Farm passes to purchase this special pie, however if you do have a pass you can get a special discount.

Pies in Orange County

Porto’s Bakery, Buena Park

We love the pumpkin cheesecake and the mini pumpkin pies at this amazing bakery. This popular bakery stays busy year round, especially during the holidays so we recommend you order ahead for pick up. The mini pumpkin pies are perfect for the kids or for a special Friendsgiving event. They make a picture perfect Instagram shot.

The Pie Hole, Anaheim and Orange

Every time we have a team meeting, we like to treat ourselves to coffee and some sort of sweet dessert. Stephanie, one of the team members, introduced us to this place and likes to surprise us with a variety of their slices of pie every now and then at our team meetings. Her favorite is the Earl Grey Tea Pie, Belinda’s favorite is the Mexican Chocolate Pie. Pattie loves the Pecan Pie. We also love their pie holes which come in packs of various sizes.

They also serve specialty flavored pies for a limited time throughout the year. They do sell out fast so it’s best to call ahead to make sure they still have the limited flavors. For Thanksgiving, they are currently selling their Turkey Pot Pie. They can add specialty pies at any time which is the fun part, you never know what they’ll come up with next!

Pie Hole LA in Orange
Pie Holes in Orange County

Polly’s Pies, Various Locations

We love their banana cream pie and their pumpkin pie. We also like that they offer an apple pie with no sugar added. During the peak of the pandemic, this restaurant was serving meals to go and we tried their meals that included a slice of pie during that time and truly enjoyed it. They offer so much more than pies at this restaurant, so come hungry!

Marie Callender’s, Various Locations

Growing up in Santa Ana, our family had neighbors who worked at this establishment, and every Thanksgiving during my childhood, we would receive a pie from Marie Callender’s for my family. This happened for a few years and then the Santa Ana location closed.

We loved it so much that we continued to make it an annual tradition to buy Marie Callender’s pies over the years. It’s a must in our family and those memories of our neighbors introducing us to these pies will always be with us.

You can still find a few locations in Orange County, and closest to LMVL headquarters would be the location in Orange. We can’t wait to pick up our annual Thanksgiving pies. Our favorites include: banana cream, chocolate silk, apple and cheesecake.

Urth Caffe, Various Locations

We are so in love with this place and like to treat ourselves to home delivered weekend coffee and pastries after a long week at work. We love all their mini pies for our weekend treat, but get ready because they are getting ready to serve full size pies for Thanksgiving. You can already pre-order them on their website.

They have a total of seven different Thanskgiving pies and they will most likely sell out so get your orders in now. Looking for vegan pumpkin pie? That’s one of their options, we love that. We’ve tried their classic pumpkin pie and it’s delicious (pictured).

Urth Caffe Pies

We hope you get to try some pies from some of these fine Orange County establishments. As you can see, we have memorable stories attached to pies and we know you are also making memories every time you enjoy a slice of pie.

It’s Thanksgiving time and you might be wondering where to buy pie in Orange County. You don’t have to worry about that because there are a lot of options for delicious pies! There’s the legendary Mrs. Knott’s Berry Farm, which is open year-round so you can get your fix any time–even during the off season when they offer all sorts of other holiday goodies as well. Or if it’s just pumpkin pies you crave, stop by Costco (if you’re not into fancy).

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Originally published on November 16, 2021. Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by Pattie Cordova

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