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Gerber BabyNes is like the Keurig… but for babies


Gerber BabyNes is like the Keurig… but for babies

The hubster and I visited Las Vegas for the annual superstar technology show – CES. CES brings the latest and greatest in technology trends from all around the world. That’s where I ran into this super cool baby formula product that will change the way we mix formulas in a baby bottle: Gerber BabyNes machine.

Gerber BabyNes formula machine

Now, I’m way past the bottle feeding stage, but I think this Gerber BabyNes machine is the coolest baby product that I saw at the show. In fact, my first thought when I saw the formula producing machines was, “Wow! It’s like a Keurig… but for babies!” Unfortunately, I also said that to the reps there and they weren’t too happy with that reference. Anyhow… this is how it works.

Video: Gerber BabyNes in Action

As you can see – it works just like a coffee pod machine. You get one of the BabyNes formula pods – each labeled with the appropriate age on the top. The machine will recognize which pod is in the machine thanks to a bar code. Then just tell the machine how hot you want the formula in the bottle and click the button.

BabyNes is a smart nutrition system that brings a range of six single-serve formula capsules for infants and toddlers during the first years of life. It is a revolutionary baby formula system that marries the best in class formula with a Wi-Fi enabled system to provide a perfectly mixed bottle, at a temperature selected by the user, with no lumps, all at the touch of a button.

Use the Gerber BabyNes formula capsules to make instant baby bottles with formula

It looked really easy to do, and if you get the carrier case it also comes with a travel BabyNes formula cover for you to make the bottle on-the-go.

Gerber BabyNes Machine Demonstration

A few product highlights:

Smart Nutrition: BabyNes formulas, inspired from breast milk composition, changes month after month to follow baby’s evolving nutritional needs and to nourish a healthy body and mind.

Smart Feeding: The Babynes design allows for optimum convenience and removes worry around hygiene and getting the measurement correct. A filter in each capsule filters out the bacteria from the water and the formula is dissolved completely within the capsule to flow directly into the bottle.

Smart Services: An upgraded, seamless user experience with a Wi-Fi enabled machine, the BabyNes system syncs with a smartphone to allow users to track baby’s nutrition, replenish capsules automatically or get an alert when a caregiver feeds the baby.

Gerber BabyNes Review //

The BabyNes machine is available in the New York Metro area at Giggle Stores and Buy Buy Baby and online at,,, and at an MSRP of $249. The formula capsules are sold online at or on BabyNes app ($59/box of 26 capsules). Read more about the Gerber BabyNes machine on

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