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Concert Venues in Orange County

Concert Venues in Orange County

When it comes to music, Orange County offers something for everyone, and we’re featuring some of the best concert venues in Orange County. From small, intimate venues to larger spaces that can accommodate thousands of fans, there are plenty of great options for concertgoers.

Grab a group of friends, your significant other, yourself or whomever you choose and go to a concert and make beautiful memories here locally in Orange County.

This Orange County concert venues list is organized by city with links to their monthly event schedules.

Just click on the venue name for a list of their events.

Best Concert Venues in Orange County


Soka Performing Arts Center
This performing arts center is located on Soka University’s campus and has booked some amazing talent in the past. They have a few buildings, so depending on the performance will determine whether you see it at the concert hall or black box theatre.


House of Blues
We love going to this concert venue because it has several rooms that range in size, so there is live music going on in the different rooms depending on the night of the performance.

We also love the restaurant side of the concert venue; their Southern inspired food is delicious and makes the perfect date night.

City National Grove of Anaheim
With varied events that range from concerts to family friendly events, we like the small size of this venue because every seat is great.

Given the option, we opt for general admission so we can go towards the front and catch the best views of the bands playing.

Food is available for purchase, with the option of ordering from your location as well.

City National Grove Anaheim

Honda Center
This concert venue offers so many types of events that range from concerts, family friendly events, major sporting events and more. A special feature of this venue is their Biergarten patio where you can enter with your event ticket and enjoy music, purchase the drink of the day and there is even a restaurant onsite if you’d like to purchase dinner before the event.

We also recommend arriving early for quick entrance into the parking area.

Another recommendation is to take a see-through bag, just like you would at a football game to avoid having to take your items back to your car.

They are strict with no backpacks or any large purses for security reasons.


Segerstrom Center for the Arts
This state-of-the-art center offers all types of performances, plays, concerts and more and encompasses a few different buildings that offer different types of events.

Depending on what you want to see will determine where you see it. For example, more intimate performances are located in their smaller venues.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts stage

The great news is that although many of their events have a charge, they offer many FREE events as well on their plaza from time to time, and many are family friendly.

We recommend you follow their social media accounts to keep up to date with upcoming events.


The Garden Amp
This venue is the only independence outdoor amphitheater in Orange County.
We like it because it’s an All-Ages and Open-Air Venue with ample free street parking around the venue.

There is two parts to this venue – an outdoor stage with plenty of seating, and a standing room only inside stage.

Garden Amp in Garden Grove - Livingmividaloca.com

Inside, you’ll find a couple of bars and a food bar with offerings such as pretzels, fries and sliders. There is seating for you to enjoy your food.

Garden Amp in Garden Grove - Livingmividaloca.com


Irvine Barclay Theatre
This space is located close to the UC Irvine campus and parking is located on the campus as well. We love the intimate size of this venue and have enjoyed some of the concerts there the last few years.

You can also attend educational events and other conversations with prominent leaders.

Growing up, we loved attending the different ballet performances held at this venue.

Five Point Amphitheatre
We love this outdoor venue because it is easy to access through the Great Park and there is plenty of parking available for everyone that is also easy to access. We also love that it’s not a huge venue because every seat is great.

They also offer amazing food options.

The different talent they book also varies with many types of genres and there is something for everyone, we really like the talent they have brought to this venue this past season.


Musco Center for the Arts
We love this intimate venue that is located on the Chapman University campus. You can find parking on the street or get it validated inside the Chapman University structure.

We have been to this venue a couple of times and have enjoyed some concerts and performances and loved them all. It is a smaller venue so all the seats are great, however the events we have attended have all sold out so get there early so you can get to your assigned seats on time.

The Orange Plaza is nearby so if you’d like to have dinner and/or drinks before the event, all you need to do is drive a few minutes down Glassell Street.


The Coach House
We love this venue because they offer a dinner option along with a concert if you choose that option. This venue is known for having tribute concerts, and we have enjoyed a few of them over the years.

To reserve a table, you do need to make dinner reservations, otherwise it’s standing room only.

Our favorite tribute concert was The Rat Pack a few years ago, which is one of their many popular recurring acts.


The Obervatory
This venue caters to a younger crowd and has had some really great acts in the past. They have two different rooms, The Observatory and the Constellation Room.

Each space has different acts and they have concerts going on nightly.

The outside space is set up with some benches for seating and they bring in food trucks. Get there early for early admission!

The mosh pit can get kinda crazy, but if you go in while the sun is still up it’s a lot of fun and safe.

It is a pretty small venue and is known to sell out, so we recommend you arrive early to find parking and get something to eat or drink if you choose to do so.

The Yost Theater
What we love about this theater is that you can rent it out for your private event.

We have attended several events in the past that were put on by community organizations and it’s a really nice venue and there is plenty of parking nearby since it’s located in downtown Santa Ana.

We love that we don’t have to venture too far out to enjoy a performance by some of our favorite artists and All of the concert venues that were mentioned are great in their own way. It really just depends on what you’re looking for in a venue.

If you want to be up close and personal with the artist, then the Observatory is probably your best bet. However, if you’re looking to see a variety of artists in one night, then The Yost Theater is where you need to go. And finally, if you want charming ambiance along with your music, then House of Blues Anaheim is perfect for you.

No matter what kind of experience you’re hoping to have, there’s an Orange County concert venue out there that can provide it for you. So tell us – which one is your favorite?

Originally published on October 29, 2022. Last Updated on May 7, 2023 by Pattie Cordova

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