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Kids love the Sparkup Magical Book Reader

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Kids love the Sparkup Magical Book Reader

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a simple book reader that attaches to any book that you have at home. No need to buy specialty books! Using it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Kids love Sparkup Magical Book Reader

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader enables parents to create personalized audio recordings of illustrated children’s book, so children can listen, read along and feel connected even when you’re apart. It helps children practice their reading skills while also providing the emotional connection of a loved one’s voice. The Reader can store up to 50 books at a time! It’s a perfect way to encourage children to read even when they’re not at school.


Designed for children ages 3 through 8, the Reader attaches to the top of a book and records the user’s voice while tracking each page via its built-in camera. Afterwards, any time the device is re-attached to that book, the camera recognizes its images and plays the appropriate recording for each page.


To use the Sparkup Magical Book Reader, first attach the book reader to the back cover of your child’s favorite book. Second, turn on Sparkup and listen to instructions. Then simply press record and read to your children their favorite book. Sparkup will scan and record each page individually. Whenever you are not able to read to your child, he/she can grab Sparkup, the pre-recorded book and get to reading! All on their own.


In my home we have children of varying ages and Sparkup has been a great addition to reading time. My oldest daughter who is a third has fallen in love with Sparkup. She loves to read and has enjoyed recording her own books. After she and I tested out Sparkup a few times, she was using it by herself. That is how easy it is to use. We also recorded a book in Spanish for her to practice reading in Spanish. I love that we can enhance our second language skills through Sparkup.

My first grade son, who is a beginning reader, will get the most benefit from the Sparkup. He is just learning to read books and this is a great tool to advance his reading. Sometimes with so much to do I don’t have time to read to him one on one and this has been a great help. I recorded a few books for him and now when I can’t read with him he grabs his Sparkup and he can listen to me “reading” to him. He follows along and tries to sound out the words along with my voice.


The entire family has really enjoyed this tool. The oldest likes to record her own books and the younger ones hears mom or dad reading to them. If the little ones skip pages, no worries, Sparkup will notice and skip right along to the new page. I have noticed my first grade son enjoying reading time more. He actually wants to do his reading homework now. This tool has changed our families reading habits and made the children enjoy books more. This is not an easy task nowadays with all the technology available.

Sparkup makes for a great gift for families and children of all ages. It is easy for adults and children to use. It also comes with a USB attachment to download pre-recorded books online or to save your recordings onto computer. It is all you want from a book reader!

Buy Sparkup Magical Book Reader on Amazon or www.sparkupreader.com for $59.99.

See how easy it is to use the Sparkup Magical Book Reader:

[disclaim]This is not a sponsored post. I received the Sparkup Magical Book Reader to facilitate this post. All thoughts and ideas remain my own. [/disclaim]

Originally published on November 2, 2014. Last Updated on August 8, 2018 by Pattie Cordova

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