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What’s new with Valpak coupons

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Savings.com.

Now that the chiclets are back at school I thought I would have more free time. The school drop offs and pick ups alone take me 40 minutes each way. Work, cleaning and overall errands that come with having two young boys is enough to fill my day. Did I mention, I am PTA President? Just like many other mamitas trying to rule the world, it leaves little time to hold a budget-friendly home, and I am all about saving. This is why when I see my blue envelope come in the mail, I am a happy mami… and now that I have a chance to win $100??? BONUS!!!

Win $100 by opening your Valpak envelope

You can MAKE money by looking through the Valpak envelope. Valpak is in its 50th year of business, and this is the first year that this program is being run nationwide!

  • Valpak puts REAL $100 checks inside random envelopes every month to reward folks for opening their Valpak blue envelope to look for savings.
  • There are no strings attached! Just take the check to the bank to cash or deposit.
  • Click here for more info on the program!

New savings with Valpak coupons - livingmividaloca.com

Turns out, the little blue envelope has been making the rounds at homes since 1968, and they go to nearly 40 million households each month!!! That means that millions of households have the opportunity to save some serious money with the Valpak blue envelope that come filled with coupons for services in their current area. For me, it is extremely convenient since it automatically come in mail with no effort needed from me (one less thing on my to-do list). I seriously have zero time to spend clipping coupons or looking through numerous online couponing sites, so yeah… the Valpak mailing is kinda perfect. How easier can it be to save money on products and services I already purchase?!

Relaxing in the patio outside our townhome

The blue envelope is hard to miss in the mail pile (don’t let is slip into the junk mail pile!). Valpak envelope is mailed once a month and each month the coupons are different depending on local deals. The coupons are so diverse – they go anywhere from oil change deals, flowers (my fave!), to pet services. Valpak makes sure each monthly mailer offers services right in your neighborhood, and that makes it super easy for me to use.

grocery shopping with kids

This month I will make sure to look for the blue envelope since now it has great grocery coupons! Every cent counts when it comes to groceries. My chiclets and Hubster are constantly scavenging through the fridge. Which means multiple grocery trips always seem to happen. The Valpak grocery coupons will be getting great use at our casita.

Next time the mail pile is enormous fight the urge to trash everything and look for the blue envelope. It has great deals in everyday services we need. Now with the addition of grocery coupons, I will definitely be looking forward for my Valpak envelope. This mamita needs to save where ever she can, if she wants to get her daily cafecito.

How to get your Valpak coupons digitally

If you miss the Valpak envelope, you can also get the deals digitally:

  • Visit Valpak online to get FREE coupons available in your neighborhood.
  • Get FREE mobile coupons via the Valpak app, available in the App Store and Google Play.

Originally published on January 25, 2018. Last Updated on January 25, 2018 by Pattie Cordova

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