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Shopping for Back-to-School Supplies

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Shopping for Back-to-School Supplies

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As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, maybe about a million times, my oldest is going into kinder. We received our school supply list and on that is… facial tissue. This being my first time actually buying supplies for my kid to take to school, I was surprised to find facial tissue on the list! But I guess it does make sense since kids have about a million germs on them at all times.

So I’ve been taking weekly trips to local major retailers to shop sales and purchase as many supplies on that list with as little money as possible. Last week I was happy to see that Kleenex brand facial tissue was on sale! The “sneeze shield” image on the box made me choose it over a store-brand box because Kleenex promises a thicker and more absorbent tissue. Score!

The hardest part was choosing a design that I liked. I chose two boxes in my son’s favorite color so that my kid would be proud to take them in. As I was putting them in the cart, I noticed that the bottom of the box had a Box Tops for Education on it. Not being an expert on these things, I bought them because I knew that the tab would come in handy later.

I added the Kleenex boxes to my stash of back-to-school supplies from the list:

back to school supplies for kinder

It wasn’t until I got home that I read what a Box Tops for Education coupon is. Each coupon equates to about 10 cents that, once turned in to the school, can be used to purchased school supplies. These coupons can be found on all Kleenex boxes, including the “Everyday Tissue with Sneeze Shield” boxes that also happen to be the ones that I purchased on sale (see boxes above). If I had been looking for the coupons, I would have noticed that Kleenex is the only facial tissue brand that participates in Box Tops for Education. Double score!

box top for education coupons

This Sunday is a new batch of sales so I’ll be back in stores this weekend and *hopefully* finish my back-to-school supplies shopping. This time around, I’ll be keeping an eye out for Box Tops.

p.s. Kleenex offers a 50 cent coupon on their website. You might want to print it out for your next purchase.

Originally published on August 2, 2013. Last Updated on August 9, 2017 by Pattie Cordova

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