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Fixing up the toddler’s first room

Boy sitting on IKEA toddler bed


Fixing up the toddler’s first room

We spent Sunday morning cleaning up our bebe’s room. It was a total mess and I so wish I would have taken a “before” picture… but in all likeliness, I would have probably been to ashamed to show it. Anyways… this is the end result.

Enter at your own risk sign

These are the first pair of curtains that I sewed in my life… and they took for-e-ver to finish. But I love the end result. Got the fabric at Jo-Ann’s. The wallpaper was a reality check into how much wallpaper really costs. We bought four rolls of it – no biggie in putting it up.

handmade jungle curtains

His horse collection came second-hand. We purchased the Bounce & Spin Zebra at a garage sale for $10 (score!) and the rocking horse off of Craigslist for $30 (double score!).

fisher price horse for toddlers

We updated his crib that we purchased from IKEA and converted it into a toddler bed. It was a great deal and it’s made of wood! Not just coated to look like wood.

convertible toddler bed

His closet is filled with munchkin clothes and blankets… lots and lots of blankets. Bookshelves are also from IKEA and they are available in different colors including blue, green and red.

Boy sitting on IKEA toddler bed

And finally, the play area, with his very own ’65 Mustang, is also complete. His feet don’t reach the petals yet – but it’s an awesome little car to have even if it’s just for decoration. The organizer is yet again, from IKEA. We like it because the tubs can be bought in different sizes and it can be added on as the bebe gets bigger and demands more toys, stuffed animals and crafting supplies.

Best of all – our bebe is enjoying his room.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. brie

    February 24, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Your little bebe is so sweet and adorable – and so is his room! I know from experience how freakin’ hard it is to sew curtains, so go you. They look fab!

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