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Rainbow Snacks for Kids

Rainbow snacks for kids - livingmividaloca - #livingmividaloca #rainbow #snacks #rainbowsnacks


Rainbow Snacks for Kids

St. Patrick‘s day is another fun holiday to celebrate with your kiddos, from dressing up to making fun desserts with them. This fun and creative rainbow snacks for kids can be done with your kids or even in class with your students, separating the fruit loops by colors and filling up the bags in color order. This is a super easy DIY dessert, it just takes two ingredients to make.

Rainbow treats for kids - livingmividaloca.com - #livingmividaloca #rainbow #snacks #rainbowsnacks

Rainbow Snacks for Kids



  • Fruit Loops cereal (family size)
  • Mini marshmallows


1. Separate all the colors of Fruit Loops. You’ll need 6 different bowls for each colors.
2. Fill the bag first with the mini marshmallows (a hand full per bag)
3. Fill up the bag with the Fruit Loops in the following order:  purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and then red.
4.Once you’re done filling the bag, use the twist tie to tie the bag. Super easy snack!

Rainbow snacks for kids - livingmividaloca - #livingmividaloca #rainbow #snacks #rainbowsnacks

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