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This is the first year where I’ve had the opportunity to review the World Vision Gift Catalog and see for myself how many wonderful gifts one can give to an impoverished child or family.

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Donating to World Vision

A $25 donation may not seem like much, but it can make a world of a difference to a child. A simple $25 donation equates to two chickens that will provide a daily supply of eggs for a family; or the sharing of a pig, which can provide income. It may give food to a community; or the sharing of an alpaca for a family in the Andes highlands (it provides 12 pounds of wool every year for 25 years), it may even mean career training for a woman to get out of poverty; or a Promise Pack, which provides tools for an orphan to succeed in school.

A more generous donation of $50.00 will provide a family with a cow to share with others, and will produce up to 5,000 gallons-350,000 glasses- of milk in its lifetime; or it may even provide a family fishing kit to help a family put food on the table.

The more you donate, the more you can contribute in changing the world a little at a time. Larger donations of $100 or more can provide life-changing animals for a single mother like a cow, chickens, or goats; provide life-saving medicines and supplies where they are needed; send a girl to school or possibly provide small business loans for a hardworking mother to becoming self-sufficient and feed her children.


Donating through the World Vision Gift Catalog

While some may not be able to contribute a monthly donation, through the World Vision Gift Catalog one also has the ability to provide a one-time donation and make a difference for someone else in need. Visit and browse their selection of gifts your donation can provide. After making your donation, you will not be left empty-handed. In addition to the gratification that donating to those in need brings you, you will also have the opportunity to choose a beautiful handcrafted gift such as a hand-woven Guatemalan headband, a handcrafted Thai jewelry bracelet and necklace, a Fair Trade coffee set, and several other handcrafted gifts.

By making your donation, you can choose a beautiful item to keep or gift. If you make a donation before December 16, you can also get free shipping on your selected item. So this season, join others to change the world – one gift at a time.


Fair Trade Coffee Set

As café aficionada, I selected the fair-trade coffee set, which included Café Amani, blended by and delivered in a gift bag of African fabric hand-sewn by local women. I grinded the coffee beans and I brewed a cup for myself. It was a delectable drink to get me going in the morning. The flavor was smooth and it was light on my taste buds. Having previously tasted coffee from both Africa and Latin America, it was a treat to have a combination of these two in one cup. I could taste the smooth and sweet body from the Indonesian blend; a hint of dark roast from the African blend; and sweet aroma and light taste added by the Latin American blend. This exquisite coffee was also packaged with a beautiful hand-carved olivewood spoon.

“When a family like us receives a cow… we are suddenly overjoyed and our sorrows disappear,” a mother in Sri Lanka. 

Visit the World Vision USA Facebook page at and on Twitter at @WorldVisionUSA.

This is not a sponsored post. I received a complimentary fair-trade coffee set to facilitate this post. All thoughts and ideas remain my own.

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