6 Must-Haves for New Parents

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The last month of pregnancy is full of excitement, anxiety, and plain old relief. Relief that baby will finally be here. The finish line is in sight, but making sure you are prepared for baby is a whole new challenge. Today we’re sharing our 6 must haves for new parents to make sure you have everything you need for your new baby.

As a mother of five, I have shortened a really long list of baby products that I want, into just a handful of products that I really need.

Backpack diaper bag for babies

Swaddle blanket

I cannot express how essential a large and thin swaddle blanket is to both the baby and me. Babies tend to sleep better by being wrapped properly in a large swaddler. I recommend that you talk to your nurse on proper swaddling techniques to ensure that you’re ready to go once you’re on your own.

Baby Wipes

Good baby wipes are great, but only if they are both thick and durable, like Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes, brand new at Costco. They have a simple formula made of 99% water. Not only can you use them to clean the baby’s bottom, but you can also use them when the baby needs a quick touch-up (or touch-ups for moms). You can wipe off make-up after a long day, and wipe up messes on surfaces. There is nothing else you will use more than wipes, except maybe diapers.

Huggies diapers

Leak-proof Diapers

For the softest and most absorbent diapers, give Huggies new Little Snugglers Plus Diapers a try. They’re brand new at Costco, which I’m sure you’ll be visiting a lot once the baby comes, too. I have tried and tested these Huggies products and they exceed my expectations. They have even made diaper changing easier because of the wetness indicator that changes color when baby needs a change. The GentleAbsorb Liner also has a layer of tiny pillows to provide ultra softness for baby’s delicate skin. These diapers are a must for new and experienced moms, plus they provide a great value when you look at the price per diaper.

Baby crawling

Baby bath tub

A bath tub for the baby is something that can make or break bath time. When buying one, keep in mind the shape and style of your tub/shower.

Bassinet or co-sleeper

I always recommend to my friends that they wait to buy a crib until the baby is five or six months old because a bassinet or co-sleeper makes night-time feedings smoother. I used a co-sleeper with my last two children, and now I don’t know why it took me so long to get one. They are practical, very convenient, and even though they are only used for five to six months, worth every penny.

must haves for new parents


I make sure to buy a few pacifier styles because every baby is different. Pacifiers come in handy at the most opportune times, including the doctor’s office and meetings.

I have found that registering for baby makes for good bonding time with my hubby. We walk through the aisles and figure out what we need together, and mentally prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. As a team, we can tackle the new addition to our family. We already know we don’t need to buy every single baby item, and that just a few essentials will get us through at least the first year.

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