The Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag

I sometimes find it hard to purchase things for the hubster – especially when it’s something that I want him to keep for a long time. So when I do come across something totally cool, I’ll add it to a list of gift ideas. Just recently, I came across this fantastic looking duffel bag – the “Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag.”

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag //

This Bomber Barrel duffel bag is part of a Kickstarter campaign that reached their goal in 5 hours and raised over 200k in 2 weeks. It looks so industrial, timeless and classic that it immediately went on my list of things to get the hubster.

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag in black //

The Bomber Barrel

Inspired by the classic barrel duffels of the 20th Century, The Bomber Barrel design team set out to create a timeless and stylish everyday bag suitable for carrying anything. The Bomber Barrel redefines style by presenting itself in a modern and simple barrel structure: purely austere and clean.

The Bomber Barrel is an ultra grade nylon duffel bag designed for today’s active man; the athlete, the adventurer, the professional or the minimalist. It was created to accommodate the lifestyles of the ambitious, the motivated and the driven. With its minimal design, lightweight and black-colored nylon ripstop; it’s endlessly versatile. The jet black color creates depth and radiates its bearer’s extravagant elegance.

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag side view //

The Bomber Barrel weight only 14 ounces! It holds everything a man-on-the-go is likely to need thanks to a streamlined design. The main compartment holds clothes & shoes while an interior side pocket keeps a phone, wallet and other valuables close at hand.

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag for men //
You can currently purchase this well-designed duffel bag for only $59 via the Bomber Barrel Kickstarter page. It’s so affordable because they manage to keep the price low by working directly with their manufacturers eliminating all the usual middlemen found in manufacturing. If you purchase after their Kickstarter campaign is over, it will be available for purchase at $109 – still not a bad deal.

Find out more about the Barrel Bomber on their website:


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  1. Ben
    August 25, 2015 at 4:56 pm (2 years ago)

    Wow, great design. Thanks for the content!


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