Staying with Abuela

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Huggies.

The hubby and I are about to embark on an anniversary trip and this means leaving the baby overnight. This will not be an easy task for any of us involved. As parents, we are insecure about how the baby will react at nap time, feeding and bedtime. My mother-in-law is also anxious about our little bundle of joy being too much to handle. She’s a super abuela taking on all of our five children.

I have been planning this trip for a while and trying to figure out what to pack to make it easier for her. In doing so, we partnered with Huggies, who know about taking on life’s messes, to share my essentials.

grandmothers house

My first must-have item anywhere the baby goes is his blanket. He likes a large swaddle blanket that is thin and breathable. Now that he is bigger he uses it as a security blanket during naps and at bedtime. If your baby has a security item or something that helps soothe him/her, make sure to add it to their bag.

When it comes to diapering, I know I can count on my Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers. They are Huggies best diapers yet and come at a great value, and they are available only at Costco. You can never have enough of them in your diaper bag for Abuela’s house. I love that I can trust that diapering will be made easier for Abuela because of the wetness indicator which changes color when baby needs a change. They are Huggies softest, most absorbent diapers for day and night protection, which means less diaper changes. Abuela can rest assured knowing the Gentle Absorb Liner offers a cushiony layer of protection between baby’s skin and the mess. I know that she also loves Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes since they are thicker and more durable for all of her grandkids’ messes.

Be sure to add a few extra outfits to the bag. I cannot emphasize enough the amount of times that I have shuffled through my diaper bag searching for an extra onesie. I do not want my mother-in-law to have to stress about clothes, so we added a few extra outfits. Also, we know that at Abuela’s house things can get a bit dirtier since they love to spoil the grandkids.

must haves for baby sleepovers

Since life is so unpredictable, being prepared for fevers, teething and colds is a must. I like to put all the medications in a bag to make it easier and labeling the amounts on the bottle. Make sure to add a thermometer and medicine dropper since Abuela might not have one appropriate for baby.

Abuela might have these next two items on hand but may not be appropriate for baby’s delicate skin. Sunscreen is vital for babies, since their skin is very sensitive. I always use a baby sunscreen because it has the highest SPF. Diaper rash cream is also something that needs to go in the bag. Make sure to take the one that works best for your baby’s skin.

I will also be taking the baby’s favorite sippy cup and bottle. Since, there is nothing worst than a baby crying for his leche. I pack at least four to ensure there are enough and for backups in case one gets lost.

dropping off baby with grandma

I will be able to enjoy my vacation knowing Abuela has everything for baby’s needs – everything from security blanket to my most dependable Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers. These will make her hardest duty a lot easier, ensuring a happier Abuela, which means more babysitting for me. I will have to make sure and bring her a “Best Grandma” T-Shirt from our trip… or maybe a mug.

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