Bye-bye plastic bowl and Hello Rubber Duckie & Friends!

Contributing post by Liby Flores

The Rubber Duckie & Friends shower head for kids brings good, clean fun for the kiddos. Kids and parents can choose from one of five different animals. When I showed them the selection of the characters, they each wanted a different one. They are all cute and adorable, and finally decided on Froggie.

When we received Froggie the frog shower head, they were thrilled to have their own special shower head. They couldn’t wait to jump in the shower and start using it. They love it because now they are in control of rinsing those hard-to-reach places. I like it because I no longer have to rinse them with the plastic bowl thanks to the hand-held wand (which allows them to rinse themselves). It also lends to pretend play during shower time. It is both convenient and appealing.

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Installing it was just like the package said, “Easy to Install.” Though at first, all I could think was “Yeah right, that’s what they all say.” As it turned out, the hardest part was opening the plastic packaging; after that I was able to install it and it was ready to go! The package includes everything you need, even plumber’s tape. The only thing I needed was a pair of locking pliers. It literally took me about five minutes to install the showerhead and then it was ready to use.

The step by step instructions enclosed in the box made it so quick and simple to install the showerhead. I like the simple features that the showerhead has, like the 2-way water flow diverter, which can be used by the kids or a grown up; the water flow is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. For $32.99 each, it’s an affordable price to give as a unique gift to give for an upcoming birthday or Christmas; or just to get one for your kid’s bathroom. If you have a child that doesn’t like bath time like my son, one of these Rubber Duckie and Friends shower heads will change their mind! My kids look forward to their bath time, especially my son – now he can’t wait to take a shower with his buddy, Froggie the frog.

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This is not a sponsored post. I received the product free of charge to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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