Shopping at Savers in Fountain Valley, California

If you are like me, you can’t pass up a good deal. Savers Thrift Stores are just that – great deals for your family’s household needs. Savers is a hiding gem (maybe not so hidden anymore now that they’ve added a Fountain Valley location) that from my experience many people in Orange County don’t know about. I’m hoping that changes come this weekend when Savers celebrates its newest Orange County location during their grand opening celebration on July 10th.

Savers in Fountain Valley // #Savers

If you are a newbie to Savers get ready to make your thrift store shopping a lot easier. My favorite part of Savers is how they organize the clothes – by size not color. They separate each section by size and type of clothing.

Savers organizes their clothes by size. //

I have been to three different Savers locations and if you have been to one, you’ve been to all. They have similar layouts and you can expect items to be organized in a similar matter. Personally, I love that they have a maternity section and that the selection is always great. The stores are always kept clean and shelves uncluttered which makes shopping easier.

Savers Thrift Stores shopping haul //

My daughter and I went to the Savers Sneak Peek event at the new Fountain Valley location and we shopped until our feet hurt. We had three hours to shop, and by end we still had not finished going through everything we wanted. My daughter, however, was definitely the winner of the night since she got two bathing suits, six shirts, a dress, six shorts and a Hello Kitty alarm clock. I also got plenty of clothes for my five year old son to restock his summer outfits. He needed shorts size 5 and because of Savers organization method, I knew exactly where to find them. Shopping at Savers Thrift Store is just so convenient. I also picked up two maternity jeans, a pair of shorts and a pair of water shoes for our upcoming camping trip. My total came to $106.54. Now I can definitely consider myself a Saver.

I also picked up some great bargains. I found my daughter Children’s Place shorts with the original tag still on them! The original price at $12.95, Savers price was $4.99. I love finding good brands for a fraction of the cost. She also found GAP shorts for $4.99 – also in great condition. I found maternity pants that fit so comfy for only $6.99, and as one of the workers told me “you only use maternity pants four months max, so why pay full price?”

Get 20% off your purchase when you bring in clothes to Savers.

Savers offers great incentives for donating lightly used items including a 20% off your purchase when you bring a bag full of items to donate. Make sure to brag to your family about your shopping finds and how much you saved when you visit the new Savers Thrift Store in Fountain Valley! This new location is opening this weekend… so get ready to SAVE.


9am to 9pm
July 10, 2014
9091 Garfield Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

This is not a sponsored post. I received a gift card to shop and facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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