Safe Listening with New Music Bleeper App

As a mother of three bright young children; I have to preview and screen every song, video, and movie for them.  So when I was offered to partner with Music Bleeper, an app that would filter out all of the unsafe words to prevent my children from hearing them, I was excited!

Music bleeper app

Nowadays, we are inundated with these catchy songs talking about sex, butts, and all sorts of topics that I am not ready to explain to my children; or want them asking questions about.  Now my children ask me questions about everything.  If they hear it, they want to know the where, what, and why.

Not only would this app allow me to take out words that I don’t want my children to hear; but also growing up listening to Rap/Hip-Hop, I don’t get to listen to my playlist out in the open.  It would be nice to be able to listen to my playlist without having to worry about all sorts of inappropriate words for my children to hear.

After I downloaded the app, I liked that they automatically have 3 Ratings with a list of unsafe words.  They have a PG-13; Rated R; and Religious, I selected all three because they all contain inappropriate words that would be found in explicit songs.

How music bleeper works

I went ahead and tested the app on my playlist and unfortunately, it did not catch all of the profanity.  For example, one of the songs “Bound 2”, the app missed an f bomb and b bomb; so that’s not good. I feel like I can’t trust an app that can’t catch all of the unsafe words.  The app has to be able to catch every word that is in the list because it defeats the purpose of filtering if some of the profanity is missed or is half bleeped.  Overall, it’s a good concept, but it has room for a lot of improvement.  It’s a good free app; but if I had to pay for the pro-version, I would definitely want to see more features.

music bleeper settings

I think on top of having the 3 automatic ratings list, the user should have the ability to add other words, or phrases that they feel are unsafe and don’t want to hear.  Since I am an android phone user, I would also like to see this in the Google Play Store.  Some additional features I would like to see would be to have this app integrate with any music player like Pandora or ITunes.  I don’t like having to listen to the music through the actual app.  The app would be more functional, if it didn’t just include sexual related words and profanity; but any words related to suicide, murder, abortions, guns, shooting, and other words that may be heard in certain music genres.  For example, for a parent with teens that are into heavy metal or alternative; this app wouldn’t filter out some of that inappropriate language in those songs because they’re not included in their generic unsafe word lists.  The sounds quality is also diminished because whether you choose the silent or skip option, the song still sounds choppy every time it skips or silences an unsafe word.  The transitioning of each word needs to be smoother to make the song flow better.

Even with its faults, I would still recommend this app to parents who want to filter out some inappropriate words for those songs in the car with the kids, when playing their iPad or iPod Touch.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Music Bleeper app. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.  

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