Mis Primeros Cinco Años by Anne Geddes

Before I go any further, let me say that this book is also available in English… I just happen to review the one written in Spanish.

Anne Geddes is known for her photography, mostly of babies and kids in flowers, with flowers, on flowers, etc. Mis primeros cinco años (My First Five Years) takes it a step further by incorporating the photographs into a baby memory book where you can keep all the little details that come with the newness of a baby – milestones, pictures, measurements, etc. Sprinkled throughout this book you’ll find Anne Geddes’ famous photographs. I will say however, that some of the photos are a bit too much for me in terms of how babies are photographed, but if you’re a big fan of Anne Geddes then this will be right up your alley.

The quality of this book is beyond anything that I have seen out there as far as memory books go. The cover is ultra sturdy and the pages are like smooth cardstock. These pages allow the photographs to be spectacular.

The book also has a sturdy envelope glued to the back cover where you can keep memories. It comes with a colorful pull out height chart which you can start using right away. It’s beautiful enough to have it on your wall as part of the decor in the baby’s room.

I love that this book is available in both Spanish and English. The contents (see below) are entirely the same in both versions and both versions also have the height chart. I like that even the quotes under the photographs are translated into Spanish! Seeing this book, I wish my mom had kept something like this for me. It would have been great to look back and see what my first five years in this world were like.

Table of Contents

I received no monetary compensation for this book, but did receive this book in Spanish to facilitate this review.

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