PBS Kids Go! launches two new shows

Via PBS Kids Go!

PBS KIDS GO! launched two new shows on April 11th: CHUCK VANDERCHUCK’S “SOMETHING SOMETHING” EXPLOSION and NOAH COMPRENDE. A synopsis of each follows. I have yet to watch either of these shows, so I’m hoping my three year old is up to a little online time today for a quick review.

Chuck Vanderchuck’s “Something Something” Explosion is an interactive online web series aimed at helping kids understand music and music composition through online episodes and integrated games and activities on the web. In each webisode, kids get to be a member of the band, interacting with Chuck, the lead singer and main creative force behind the band who dreams BIG, and Ramona, Chuck’s band mate who helps make his big ideas into reality. Chuck and Ramona present five different musical genres: Salsa, Jazz, Rock, Country, and Reggae. Children will learn about different instruments used for each musical style, and play games through which they will have the chance to identify instruments, write lyrics, compose melodies, create costumes, and play in a virtual concert with Chuck and Ramona. Check out the site for additional content such as videos, printable posters, MP3’s, maps and facts that allow children to further explore each genre.

Noah Comprende is a web-original series about a 9-year-old boy visiting his grandmother in a community where no one speaks English. Noah is trying to learn Spanish, but sometimes gets it wrong. In each animated video, a misunderstanding launches a comic adventure for Noah and his pet mouse Pequeño. With Pequeño’s help, Noah always manages to solve the problems he’s created, learning Spanish in the process. Although kids – like Noah –may not understand the Spanish dialogue, they can comprehend the story told through rich visual storytelling. Each video features opportunities for kids to roll their cursor over objects on the screen to hear the Spanish translation. Three different vocabulary-driven, arcade-style games also reinforce learning. Other games, such as “How Do You Say…?,” helps kids learn common expressions in Spanish, such as greetings and phrases to say in a restaurant.

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