Outdoor Christmas decorations rule!

I am so utterly and hopelessly in love with Christmas. The indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, the gift buying and giving, the baked goodies, special coffees and the joy of the holiday spirit. I wish people would remember the feeling of Christmas all year round, because it really does feel like people know that it’s a special time.

While the hubster won’t allow me to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I am a total sucker for the ones that are up since Halloween at department stores. Some high end fashion shops have lots of Christmas trees up and decorated with various themes. However, as much as I like all the malls and the Christmas festivities, by far my favorite activity to do during the holidays is drive around and look at the outdoor Christmas decorations.

There is this one house close to our home who really goes all out for Christmas. We’re talking about mechanical Santas and snowmen, fake snow, reindeer and even a man who sits out in the front in a Santa suit! Talk about going the distance! In spite of the somewhat creepy nature of fake Santa out on the lawn, their home is probably the best decorated house because of all its lights, the way some of them sparkle, others flash, and others sing.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving is over, all the dishes are put away and the kids are ready to take out the Christmas boxes. This year, it seems that we’ll be getting a REAL tree too! Without kitties in our home to destroy it, I’m sure it’ll keep it’s shape until after Christmas (and until el Dia de los Reyes). I’m also thinking of getting some of those icicles lights to hang outside and maybe use the little round lights on the Christmas tree. I really want something different than the regular multi-colored lights, or white lights. Lights that sing Christmas carols would really put this home over the top! Not sure if they would drive me crazy after a while though.

Is there anything special that comes out for your Christmas decorating?

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