Lianna Grethel chats about life as a mom


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Lianna Grethel, host of Alarma TV on the Estrella TV network. Grethel partnered with Babies “R” Us and Procter & Gamble to help celebrate motherhood and the amazing milestones that our babies experience.

Lianna Grethel chats about life as a mom

Lianna is an internationally recognized model on the hit NBC game show “Deal or No Deal,” as well as a mother of two. I was able to sit down with Lianna for a few minutes and ask her a few questions about being a mamá.

Babies R us

Hello! I see you have a son, do you have any other children?

Ms. Lianna Grethel: Yes, I have two. My daughter (Valentina) is 18 and Liam is one.

Oh, I had no idea! I thought you were a first time mother. You look amazing for having an 18 year old.

Ms. Lianna Grethel: Oh, thank you. It is like being a first time mom all over again after 18 years.

I would think so. I have two daughters that are four and five and I already forgot the baby phase. So, tell me what is your favorite baby product?

Ms. Lianna Grethel: I love this brand, [Pampers]. Liam, my son, his skin is very sensitive. Everything causes rashes, so Pampers is my favorite. For blankets, I love Dreft. It’s very soft. I buy everything at Babies “R” Us, and I have one near my work. I stop there before I go home.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a Babies “R” Us, since my daughters are older. I forgot all of the fun stuff they have here.

Ms. Lianna Grethel: Yes, I can get everything: formula, toys… everything. I remember 18 years ago in Miami I shopped at Babies “R” Us. Now that Liam is running and opening the doors to the kitchen, I just bought all of the safety stuff.

What is your son into right now? What type of toy or character is his favorite?

Ms. Lianna Grethel: He loves Baby Einstein. I love it, because he learns from it. He also loves Mickey Mouse. All the channels are to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now. And Planes, he loves Planes the movie. That was his first birthday theme.

That’s so cute! I have girls so everything is princess related; it must be fun having a boy. Tell me, do you have any tips for new mothers?

Ms. Lianna Grethel: Well for us, it is very important, after we get pregnant, to take care of us. In my show, I receive a lot of emails about advice on how to take care of yourself after having a baby. Like, how to lose weight and how to keep your hair from falling out. Because a lot of times your hair falls out after having a baby. I take prenatal vitamins for 4 months after having the baby to help your hair from falling out. Also, when you breastfeed you lose weight, and I drink a juice with cucumber and flax seed.

Also, it is important to take care of the baby, always use the appropriate products that is right for your baby. And, I learned how to manage my time for work and kids. I like to write everything down and how much time I have allotted for each task, and that helps me.

Lianna Grethel shares her favorite baby products

I had such a nice chat with Lianna, as you can see she loves babies and is a great mother. I follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and you should too! And make sure to follow Babies “R” Us on Facebook to be the first to know about their awesome giveaways and deals. Don’t forget to enter the Babies ‘R’ Us giveaway going on here:, and of course, we would LOVE to know what your favorite Procter & Gamble product is! Share below.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Procter & Gamble. All thoughts and ideas remain my own. Images courtesy of P&G.

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