Knott’s is amping up its coolness factor

If you’re a Southern California native, you’ve known Knott’s Berry Farm through field trips, night out with friends and random family visits. You know the place like the back of your hand. Well… they’re going to throw you for a loop now with its new Knott’s Boardwalk, set to debut beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Knott’s Boardwalk

Photo credit: ©Knott’s Berry Farm


Additions to the Knott’s Boardwalk Area will include:

Coast Rider

The 52 foot ascent to the top of Coast Rider will have everyone clinging to the handrails for the ultimate family coaster experience. The adventure aboard the ride gives guests the feeling of riding the California coast, but once they reach the crest, it is a harrowing journey down the 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins.

new ride at Knott's Berry Farm
Coast Rider

Surfside Glider

Taking the ride into their own hands, guests will pilot their own Surfside Glider. From a height of 28 feet, these two-man aircrafts zip through the air providing a bird’s eye view of the Boardwalk area as they glide over Boardwalk Bay.


Pacific Scrambler

Everyone will be caught in the spin of the Pacific Scrambler, a family favorite and traditional Boardwalk attraction.

Site of the upcoming Pacific Scrambler


Timber Mountain Log Ride

And did you hear, the Timber Mountain Log Ride is getting a facelift too! It opened in July 11, 1969 with screen legend John Wayne taking the inaugural ride. It was the first ride of its kind, and not much has been done to it since then. Yes, it was seasonally decorated (but don’t expect that this year), but not much else. Well, this year it has been redone.

mechanical figure in log ride
New mechanical figure made for Timber Mountain Log Ride by Garner Holt Productions


From the moving mannequins to the logs themselves, a lot of work has been put in to modernize it. Unfortunately, the standard height limit is no longer in place, so you’ll have to wait to take the babies on the ride.

New log ride at Knott's
Sneak peak of work being done inside Timber Mountain Log Ride



Purchase passes and find additional information on everything Knott’s Berry Farm at See you there!

Snoopy in construction outfit

This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to visit the park and get some behind-the-scenes exclusive to facilitate this post. All thoughts and ideas remain my own.

3 comments on Knott’s is amping up its coolness factor

  1. Isabel Garcia
    May 10, 2013 at 6:34 pm (4 years ago)

    The Coast Rider seems like a fun and exciting ride! It's been a while since I last visited Knott's Berry Farm. Awesome post! 🙂

    • Pattie Cordova
      May 10, 2013 at 6:48 pm (4 years ago)

      Thanks Isabel!

  2. Justine Burgess
    May 11, 2013 at 1:31 am (4 years ago)

    That coaster looks like so much fun!


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