An homage to my (now lost) HTC One

It’s been about six hours since I lost my phone at Whole Foods (after it died while my kids played Fruit Ninja on it). I feel as though I’ve lost a part of myself. In just a short amount of time, I had become so attached to my HTC One and I never realized it. So yes, it surprised me that I was dumb enough to let it sit on the cart after the battery died. Since I had made a promise to the kids to keep my eyes off my phone while I drove, I didn’t think to check for it until I got home. By then, it was too late. No wait, it was too late when my neighbors fence caught on fire and I didn’t have a phone to dial 911 and ask for help. That is also when I realized that I had lost my phone.

The HTC One and I meet for the first time

I drove back to Whole Foods with a five year old who was near tears because mommy had lost her phone. He was the one trying to console me and for some reason, blaming himself for not checking to see if I had my phone with me after the battery died. I had to quickly change my mindset and I realized that yes, it had the only pictures I had from my son’s 2nd birthday (and everything after June 2nd since my memory card broke in half – that’s a whole other story) and I depend on it for everything blogging/lifestyle related, BUT, we were safe. I had managed to smell the fire before it got too out of control, asked our other neighbor to call the fire department and helped them put out the fire on a fence that should have been replaced years ago. So while it hurts like heck to not have a phone, and knowing how much money I will have to save to replace it, I’m happy that I have a family who is safe, that I was home when the fire started and that apps like Dropbox backed up my pictures automatically, not to mention Family Locator by Sprint that will help me locate the phone if it’s ever turned on.

So, in memory of my beloved phone, I want to share with you my favorite things about the HTC One. Consider it a type of homage to the wonderful four months that we spent together.

It took the best pictures. My all-time favorite feature on this phone was its ability to take amazing pictures. The pictures were always sharp and it came with some great editing features. Many times, it was all I needed to cover events.

sunset with palm trees
Sunset – no filter/editing
mexican sweet bread
Food – no filter/editing
rabbit lamp
Black/white editing feature

Huge display. 4.7″ to be exact. I had a Samsung Galaxy II before the HTC One, so I was used to a big screen. I loved not having to squint to see a picture or video (or in the case of my kids – play video games).

Amazing video. The HTC One has a 1080p Full HD video recording with HDR video. It comes in handy when you’ve left your handheld video camera at home, like I did when I visited D23 Expo last month. I took this video and shot it straight to YouTube from my phone.

Subscription-based apps. Apps like Family Locator are exclusive to Sprint (my carrier) and I’m hoping it will help me find my phone in the near future. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s gone baby gone, but it’s nice to know that the service is available. Of course, I also downloaded Lookout, but I forgot to set it up and that basically erased my chances of finding my phone even when it’s turned off.

Long battery life. I use my phone a lot. I use it to read at night (flashlight app), to check-in, take video/pics, etcetera. My kids also use it to play video games and as we all know, that can kill a battery pretty quick. I liked how I had a full battery in the morning and by night time, it would still have juice left. Not having to constantly tote around external batteries was nice.

Super fast. I don’t know how else to say it, but the HTC One was super fast. I could multi-task by being on a phone call and checking my email at the same time without slowing down the response time. The GPS would also find my location really quick. My old phone would take forever, and sometimes not do it at all.

Car features. When I used my GPS on the HTC One, I would have to use it from the Car menu. This also meant that it would voice out when a call was coming in and then it would ask if I wanted to pick it up. It helped me to stay off the phone while driving.

HTC Sense TV. I even used it to control my LG TV. Using the HTC Sense TV feature, I set it up in just a few minutes. All I had to do was point the phone towards the TV and that was it.

Automatic backup. The most important of all was the ability to automatically backup all my data. I created my HTC account when I first started using it and set up automatic daily backup for my data to the HTC cloud. Coupled with Dropbox, I knew that my pictures, files, movies, etcetera were safe.

It facilitated three-way calls with friends in different states. The HTC One made it really easy to add others to the call. It didn’t diminish the quality of the call either.

For these reasons and more, I will miss my HTC One more than I ever thought I would. I continue to hold out hope that someone will find it, but I’m being realistic and know that I’ll have to get another HTC One soon. I’ll let you know if I ever find it.

This is not a sponsored post. I really lost my phone and it sucks. Seriously sucks. However, this phone was a gift from Sprint to aid with my social networking activity so I’m disclosing that fact. It doesn’t stop me from feeling lost without it.

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