The Kid Dictionary

We all know that kids say the darndest things, but they also do the darndest things, sometimes leaving us at a loss for words. But no more!

The Kid Dictionary by Eric Ruhalter is full of hilarious words to describe the indescribable things kids do. After all, we’ve all heard Blubberish (the incomprehensible breathless stammering of a crying child trying to tell you what happened to her), and it’s a rare parent that’s never had to treat an Invisibooboo (the site on a child’s body where you unnecessarily applied a bandage to appease him when he got hurt, even though no blood ever appeared).

From loving to lovingly exasperated, Ruhalter’s word-combo definitions will finally let parents everywhere accurately describe all the things their kids do that make them laugh, cry, and hide that cookie they’re eating before dinner.

I would recommend this uber-cute book to all parents (both new and seasoned) because when you read it you’ll feel like you’re part of a club. I can tell you for a fact that I wouldn’t have believed half of the things in this book before becoming a mom. Kids are hilarious, intricate and so much in their own little worlds that half of the things they do don’t have a name (until now that is). And at only $9.99, it makes a great accompaniment to a baby shower gift. Get one for yourself and keep it out on the coffee table. It makes for a great conversation starter too.

I should mention that the quality of the book is really neat. The cover is bright orange and the material is sleek and smooth. The feel of the book is really modern and the bright green spine will look great on any bookshelf. I’ll continue posting some of my favorite new words on our Facebook page if you’d like to hear more.

About The Author
Eric Ruhalter works in television in NYC, making commercials about movies. At night, he comes home to his wife Kara and their three rambunctious children. There, he’s able to step inside of himself to write down the unique and unusual observations that inspire him. He also enjoys editing video, pimping his work via social media, surfing, Frisbee, and ping pong. He studied economics at Dickinson College where he learned that he’s not the least bit interested in the theories of economics. So rather than study, he spent most of his time writing.

This is not a paid post. I received a copy of The Kid Dictionary to facilitate my review.

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