Fall hairstyle with Herbal Essences

The Fall season is here and I’m ready to rock my Fall hairstyle makeover, thanks to Herbal Essences. I visited Le Salon at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills where I was treated to a a hair wash and style by celebrity stylist, Charles Baker Strahan. He also answered a tons of questions I had about Fall hair styles!

Fall hairstyle with Herbal Essences

Charles mentioned that ombre is a style that has been pretty popular this past year, however, the 90’s hairstyle is making a comeback. Many women are now asking for fuller hair with lots of volume. When Charles asked me what products I use on my hair, I mentioned that I use the volume mousse from Aussie. He then proceeded to tell me that Herbal Essences also has a volume mousse that is available for purchase at your local convenience store. He started blow drying my hair and he mentioned that if you blow dry your hair in the opposite direction of its growth, then you can get more volume. You can also use the volumizing mousse when you go to the beach and wet your hair. It will dry beautifully.

Blow dry hair at opposite sides for more volume

Herbal Essences has a whole line of products along with shampoos and conditioners that you can use to wash and style your hair. I was stoked to see the “after” look of my Fall hairstyle because it made my hair look amazing and full of life.

Belinda Espinoza and Charles

Charles started my makeover session by using the Herbal Essences hydrating shampoo and the cleansing conditioner. Then to style my hair, he used the volume mousse, dry shampoo, and oil for the ends. He then finished it off with a light hair spray. My hair felt fantastic afterwards! As I was talking to Charles, I mentioned to him that I was single and that I was currently dating so my hair has to be on point to look its best. He mentioned that it was important not to add too much product to my hair because you want to make it look natural in case your date wants to run his fingers through it. We shared some laughs about it and I went home looking great and ready to conquer the world with my new hair style.

Herbal Essences products

Herbal Essences has some great products that won’t break the bank and are super effective at getting hair to look on point, for whatever Fall event you’re heading to this season. Visit herbalessences.com to see their full product line and hairstyling tips from the pros.

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  1. Mayito Castillo
    October 15, 2015 at 7:08 pm (3 years ago)

    Me gustaria probar esos productos, por tu descripcion se ve que son muy buenos!


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