Creating Bonding Moments With Your New Baby

Introducing a new baby to siblings and family is a great moment to create bonding experiences. During my second pregnancy I was very worried about how my daughter would react to sharing Mami and Papi. I read up on how to introduce a new baby to siblings and asked other Mamis also. The best thing I learned from it all was involving older siblings in bathing, feeding and especially diapering the new baby. That is why we have partnered with Huggies and Costco to share my experience of how we introduce a new baby to our growing family.

creating bonding moments with baby

I always try and read up on baby books and articles since it seems that every year there is something new. One consistent tip is when older siblings visit a new baby at the hospital, make sure Mami is not holding baby. My husband and I make sure to put baby in the bassinet and then Mami’s arms are open for hugs from the kids. The kids then get to hold baby if they want to, but of course, never force them. Then when it is time to change a diaper, they all hoover over me to get a peek at the umbilical cord nub. This is a good time to explain to them about how baby ate inside Mami. Definitely a great learning and bonding time for us all.

Since I breastfeed, we need to also make sure Papi is bonding with baby. He always gets the dirty jobs. When baby is done feeding he is in charge of burping, which is not fancy but he is a trooper. He also gets the wet diapers. Many times with the boys, Papi has gotten a bit wet or worse. Those stories are always fun to tell to the kids now that they are older. Little moments like those during diapering, even though gross, create a bond with dad.

baby on bed

When it comes to infants, every interaction with siblings, parents, and family can become a great chance to bond. Many might think you need to create larger bonding experiences but daily, mundane activities such as bathing, burping, and diapering baby can lead to an everlasting bond. Changing a diaper for me is a good time to stop my multitasking and focus just on baby. Having older siblings help is also a great way to encourage bonding. Grandparents are also eager to help to ensure some time with baby.

Latina grandma changing baby

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Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers are Huggies softest, most absorbent diapers, which I absolutely love because there’s nothing worse than being awaken by a crying baby whose diaper has leaked. I also love that they have a GentleAbsorb Liner with tiny pillows to protect baby’s skin. Having a wetness indicator that changes color when baby needs a change also means not having to smell babies’ bums when checking their diaper.

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Huggies. All thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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