Homemade Thyme Cough Syrup

The baby has a cough. My first instinct is to turn to a herbal remedy, but there is too much junk in commercial medicine. Besides which, there is not cough medicine out there for babies under 2. So, I made some homemade Thyme Cough Syrup and it gave our baby the relief he needed to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Thyme Cough Syrup


2 cups boiling water
1 T dried thyme
1 C honey (I used organic)
bottle to store (I used the honey bottle)


  • Put thyme in tea ball. If you don’t have a tea ball, you can make your own by bundling up the thyme in a coffee filter and closing it with a twist-tie.
  • Pour boiling water over thyme in a measuring cup.
  • Leave the thyme in the water until the water cools to room temperature.
  • Remove the thyme from the water and discard.
  • Stir in honey.
  • Pour into storage container and keep in the refrigerator.

To use: Shake well before using. Take one tablespoon several times a day for colds, coughs, and sore throat.

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