“Tips to Spice Up Your Parties” Farm Rich style #FarmRichSnacks

We love having people over. The hubster and I both love a full house and we’ll take any reason to celebrate. We have a few tried and true tips that we go back to every time. They include:

  • Music. We hook up portable speakers to our computer or iPad and play various types of music all.day.long. We do this because sometimes there’s a lag in the conversation, and just plainly because nothing beats music to get the party started!
  • Games and activities. Though we do this mostly for themed parties, we’ve been known to bust out the Loteria and play a few rounds just to get the family together.
  • Bars. Not alcohol bars, but bars that are fun for everyone – especially kids. We’ve done cocoa bars, candy bars, ice cream bars… and they are ALWAYS a big hit.
  • Something for everyone. Because most of our gatherings go on for hours, we like to have different activities available for everyone. We’ll have the xBox going in one room, a movie playing in the other, scooters, bikes and toys outside and then lots of snacks outside on the patio. This ensures that our guests are entertained the entire time that they are over.
  • Easy to make, easy to serve foods. I strongly dislike spending tons of time in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. I’d much rather be out and about socializing (isn’t that what parties are for?). So I like our go-to foods, hummus and pita chips, artichoke dip and even microwavable snacks like jalapeño poppers.

Apparently easy to make foods are also a favorite of many others because Farm Rich has recently introduced Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites. They are these little queso-filled and breaded snacks with just a little bit of spice. They come out of the oven or fryer in just minutes, crisp and toasty on the outside, meltingly tender on the inside, and ready to serve for an after-school snack, party appetizer, or just anytime hunger calls. The wholesome snacks also are a good source of calcium, and each portion contains just 180 calories and 0 grams trans fat per serving.

average retail price – $6.99
The Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites can be found at all major supermarkets and even at stores like Wal-mart that have that huge food section. I’m going to give them a try for our next gathering and I’ll let you know how they taste.

Fiesta Grande Sweepstakes
Farm Rich has decided to stretch out party time with their “Fiesta Grande” sweepstakes taking place right now on their Facebook page. Between March 19 and May 4, play Pesos 4 Quesos for a chance to win a $3,500 “Fiesta Grande” from Farm Rich. Visit the Farm Rich Facebook page and click on Pesos 4 Quesos to play and register to win weekly $200 gift cards plus the chance to take home the $3,500 grand prize—worth over 44,000 pesos! By reaching certain game levels, players can also earn coupons to try the new Queso Cheese Bites. The grand-prize winner will be announced on May 5.

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